Follow cars to get alerts when prices drop.

Follow cars, save money!

Mojo tracks used cars at dealerships near you.

Tonya stayed alert

I didn't have to spend forever searching online for my Fusion. I followed ones I liked and Mojo sent me alerts when the dealer dropped the price. It was super easy.

Mel knew a good price

It’s hard to spot a good deal with so many options available. The sold alerts helped me see how much cars were selling for so I knew a good price.

Cindy kept it together

I liked Mojo because following a car is like bookmarking it. They were all saved in My Cars so I could keep track and see price drops easily.

Ronnie knew his budget

I knew exactly what I could spend. I followed a few Nissans until I got an alert that price dropped enough so I could buy it. I went to the dealer that day.

Tim knew his stuff

I needed a work truck at a fair price. Mojo let me know which dealers were dropping prices. I had a great experience at the dealer because of Mojo.

Dealers are dropping prices...


Number of times a used car drops in price


Length of time cars sit on a dealers lot


Amount of money a car will drop in price

...those in the know, save dough.

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