Startups offer New Ways to Buy and Sell Used Cars

 Article by Susan Johnston for U.S. News & World Report

Beepi, Instamotor and Mojo Motors are geared up to improve the car-buying process. 

Consumers have long distrusted car dealers. In DMEautomotive’s 2014 survey of 2,000 automotive customers, only 1 in 5 perceived car dealer sales representatives as trustworthy. While some consumers choose to cut out the middleman by buying or selling cars on Craigslist or eBay, trust can be even dicier on those sites. However, those wary of these options have a growing number of online alternatives for buying and selling cars. U.S. News looked at three startups that are attempting to improve the car-buying process. [keep reading]

Cars in the Movie Entourage

After watching Vince and his boys navigate the ups and downs of Hollywood through 8 seasons Entourage, it’s not hard to imagine what the feature film would be like.


In addition to beautiful women, epic parties and heaping amounts of bromance, exotic cars are just another part of the A-list celebrity lifestyle. The gang has driven dozens of extravagant whips throughout the series, but the cars in this summer blockbuster might have topped them all.

1965 Lincoln Continental


Loyal Entourage fans will be happy to know that the famous 1965 Lincoln Continental made a several appearances in the movie, always with Johnny Drama behind the wheel.

Cadillac Ciel concept


The Lincoln Continental wasn’t the only car with suicide doors in the movie. The Cadillac Ciel concept stole the show more than any of the star-studded cameos. It’s gifted to Vince after Ari watches his movie and knows it will be a hit. Now here’s more pictures of that gorgeous machine.




Boys will be boys.

2015 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Sedan


I guess once you’re head of a major Hollywood studio a BMW 7 Series no longer cuts it. Ari Gold rocks a sleek Mercedes Benz S63 AMG sedan throughout the film, finished in Iridium Silver Metallic. It’s the perfect place for Ari to practice meditation and try to avoid a complete melt-down.

Ferrari 458 Italia


But of course, the S63 wasn’t the only car Ari abused throughout the movie. Indeed, “Ari’s Ferrari” made an appearance —this time in the form of a gorgeous 458 Italia. When there’s a $100 million dollars plus your reputation on the line, you need to get where you’re going fast.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible


Liam Neeson is one of the numerous cameos in Entourage, pulling up next to Ari for a quick exchange that ended something like this.

2015 Cadillac Escalade


The Cadillac Escalade doesn’t get as much gratuitous screen-time as the Ciel concept, but it plays an important role. As always, Turtle is the wheelman, regardless of how much money he made from his Avión tequila venture with Mark Cuban.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible


While in their Escalade, the boys spot UFC champ Ronda Rousey getting into her red Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and they decide to chase her down so Turtle can ask her out on a date. Needless to say, the gang has had better ideas.


Discontent with being followed, Rousey slams on her brakes, hops out of her car and confronts the gang. She recognizes Vince and then eventually Turtle, and finally agrees to a date.

Aston Martin Vanquish


Vince’s flavor of the week in the Entourage movie is Emily Ratajkowski, who became famous in real-life after appearing in Robin Thicke’s controversial “Blurred Lines” music video. In the movie, she drives a range-topping Aston Martin Vanquish convertible in Madagascar orange. There’s no ceiling to be found on this grand-tourer.


Lamborghini Gallardo


The movie’s main antagonist is Travis McCredle (played by Haley Joel Osment) who’s the son of the main financier of Vince’s movie. When the boys need more money to finish the film, Travis comes to Hollywood to watch an unfinished version at a private screening to see if it’s worth further investment. He falls head-over-cowboy boots for Emily Ratajkowski, but sets out for vengeance when she chooses Vince instead of him.


We first see the yellow Gallardo when Travis steals Ari’s executive parking spot at his studio. Later in the movie, Vince confirms the same Lambo was outside Emily’s house when he went over, proving that Travis was stalking them. Ari is able to use that to prove Travis’s beef with Hyde (Vince’s movie) is all over getting rejected by Emily. Unfortunately, we have no shots of Travis’s flashy privilege-mobile from the movie.

Cadillac ELR


While E is busy juggling the demands of his super-pregnant ex-girlfriend, his kinda-pregnant ex-fling and his most recent one-night stand, we see the unmistakeable swagger of the Cadillac ELR in the background. After this scene, Drama and Turtle find E walking on the sidewalk alone. Maybe his ELR ran out of juice?

Jaguar F-Type


Unfortunately, we never get to see the F-Type in action, but it appears outside of Ari’s therapist’s office and again outside of a fancy LA restaurant.



After the “Johnny’s Banana” video leaks, Drama gets chased through the streets of Los Angeles by people who want a picture with the star of Hollywood’s latest sex(?) tape. One of these hecklers happens to be driving an E92 BMW M3.



The movie starts with a huge party on a 154-foot yacht named “Usher” off the coast of Ibiza, Spain. The extravagant yacht costs $200,000 to rent for a single week! Perhaps some of the girls at the party were spending too much time in the sun, because many of them misplaced the top-half of their bikinis. Poor girls.

VanDutch 55

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 5.38.10 PM

Everyone knows the only way to arrive at a yacht party is on your own stupid-expensive yacht. That’s why the boys pulled up on a gray VanDutch 55.

Bonus: Tell us what this car is.


In the scene where Ari Gold begrudgingly heads to Texas to meet with his financier, we spotted a black convertible in the background. It looks like it’s from the 1940’s, but we can’t tell exactly what it is. If any eagle-eyes want to fill us in, do it in the comments.

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There were so many exotics cruising through the Entourage movie that we lost track. If we had a dollar for every Porsche Boxster, Mercedes Benz SL500, Aston Martin DB9 and Lamborghini Gallardo that appears on screen, we might just be able to afford one. But just incase we’ve left out anything big, leave us a comment and let us know!

Written by Tristan Cathers

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QUIZ: Can you identify these cars while they’re still on the assembly line?

Growing up in a family of gearheads, my brothers and I would watch as cars passed our house and try to see who could guess what type of car it was first. This quiz is a similar concept —guess the make and model with only a partial view.

Lucky for you, noogies will not be given for wrong answers. Good luck!

Where can Tesla sell cars?

Updated on April 21, 2015 – Direct sales allowed in VA and MD

Updated on March 19, 2015 – Direct sales allowed in NJ, new service stations, superchargers and galleries opened

Updated on November 4, 2014 – Direct sales banned in AZ and WV, new service stations, superchargers and galleries opened

We saw one of the first used Tesla Model S sedans go up for sale last week and it got us thinking, where can you buy, supercharge or service a Tesla these days? We scoured the internet and bribed our design team to put it all together in a sweet infographic – enjoy!

tesla-map-2015-4-21 mojo motors


States that Ban Direct Sales: 23

States that Allow Tesla to Sell Cars: 27


Manufacturer direct sales are banned in the red states. Tesla can have service centers, superchargers and stores and galleries in these states but cannot sell or deliver cars. For example, you can check out a Tesla at Short Hills Mall in New Jersey, but you cannot take a test drive or discuss pricing with a salesperson. If you want to purchase a car, you would have to buy at and then arrange a delivery. On March 15, 2014 Ohio passed a bill that will allow Tesla to sell its electric cars but it’s waiting to be signed into law by Governor Kasich. Read about it here.

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Written by Max Katsarelas

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carstory screenshot vast mojomotors

Did you know that today’s auto shoppers use 24 research touch points in their car buying process? Every time a consumer leaves a dealer’s website to find more information, it is a lost opportunity. CarStory’s Market Reports’ goal is to provide online browsers with the whole story all in one place in order to keep the consumer engaged in your listings and other listings on your lot. [keep reading]

The Volkswagen Alltrack will succeed where the Audi Allroad failed

The first time Volkswagen Group decided they were going to build an off-roading wagon, we got the first-generation Audi Allroad. On paper, the Allroad was a dream, an enthusiast’s car that’s also practical for families. allroad-alltrack-image-mashup The first generation Allroad made it to North America for the 2001 model year, along with its 250 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. It was equipped with air-ride suspension that could be adjusted with the push of a button and Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive system to send the power where it needed to go. Best of all, the Allroad came standard with a 6-speed manual transmission. [keep reading]

Automotive April Fools Day Roundup

It’s April 1st, that special time of the year where automotive brands get to show off how witty, in-touch and totally-relatable they are (spoiler alert: most aren’t.) We’ve seen some fantastic pranks in the past, so this year’s pranksters have a reputation to live up to. Regardless, we are here to bring you the good, the bad and the ugly in April Fools’ Pranks 2015.

Exchange your current car for a new BMW —really.

Tianna Marsh of New Zealand responded to an advertisement in the New Zealand Herald newspaper that promised a BMW 1 Series to the first person who responds, in exchange for their current car. It seemed too good to be true, so most people passed over the ad entirely. Jokes on them, as Ms. Marsh walked away with a brand-spanking-new 1 Series, just as promised.

Pep Boys sells scented motor oil



Ancient automotive supply store Pep Boys promoted “Scented Oil Changes” for April Fools’ Day. Pep Boys claims the petroleum-based aroma from the oil eventually creeps into your car’s cabin through the air vents. We actually saw this one slide into our newsfeed as early as March 30th, so we’re crying foul. Sure, scented oil is great, but is it gluten-free? That’s the real question.


Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.42.33 PM

Uber is apparently testing a new service called “UberBoat” in Bangkok, where riders can hail a boat in times when the roads are flooded. Here are Uber’s directions:

How to ride:

  1. Download the Uber app
  2. Enter promo code HELPIDONTLIVEONAHILL (new and existing users – valid on April 1st, 2015 only!)
  3. Request UberBOAT
  4. Arrive in style

Now this is a service we’d actually like to see come to New York City. Can you imagine never having to deal with bridge & tunnel traffic again? Although, I wonder what the New York Water Taxi company would have to say about that…

Honda HR-V Selfie Edition

Honda came through with one of the higher-quality April Fools pranks of 2015 by introducing the HR-V Selfie Edition. Perhaps they’re a year late with this one (2014 was the official year of the selfie) but we can let it slide. Honda says the HR-V Selfie Edition can snap the perfect selfie from any one of its 10 selfie cameras, as long as the car is in park. Isn’t it funny that we need to include safety warnings, even for fake technology?

Oh, we didn’t miss the self-driving car reference, either.



Here’s an interesting April Fools’ prank: BMW UK says they’ve collaborated with Rugby players to develop a line of mouth guards. The “lightweight and durable” rubber used to make the mouth guards comes from BMW’s door seals, and “advanced ventilation” is provided to the wearer via BMW’s iconic kidney grille design. You can watch the accompanying video here.

Fiat 499

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 4.46.22 PM

Ever thought the Fiat 500 was just too big and had too many wheels? Probably not, so this shouldn’t be a disappointment. This morning Fiat introduced the FIAT 499 on twitter, which sports a 3-wheel set up, just like the Reliant Robin. Unlike the Reliant Motor Company, Fiat knows building a 3-wheeled car is foolish.

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Written by Tristan Cathers

Picture Credits: FIAT   BMWUK  Honda  Uber  PepBoys

Where can Apple sell cars?

The year 2020 is slated to be an epic one for the auto industry.  By then, Tesla plans to have a ‘gigafactory’ capable of producing enough batteries for 500,000 electric vehicles, the seven major automotive manufacturers (including Musk’s juggernaut) will be selling driverless cars and Apple is going to release a car to sell along with its phone and watch. Or so they say.

Apple is not only the richest company in the world, they’re also known as one of the most secretive. Nobody knows whether or not they will actually manufacture and ship a car, but there is enough evidence to suggest that they are seriously considering it. We won’t lie, we’re excited about it, so we decided to join in the speculation.

Last year, we made an infographic asking the question “Can Tesla sell cars in my state?” In order for a state to be able to sell Teslas, the state would need to meet two criteria: first, direct sales from manufacturer to consumer would have to be legal and second, the state would need to have at least one Tesla showroom.

In our Apple infographic we broke it down in similar fashion.  The 25 blue states represent those where direct to consumer selling is legal, while red states are those where it is illegal.  The size of the apple icon indicates how many stores Apple already has in that state. There are only five states that do not have Apple stores yet: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.

can apple sell cars in my state mojo motors infographic

If Apple starts manufacturing cars, they will encounter many of the same obstacles that have plagued Tesla. Fortunately for them, Tesla will have already fought many of the the tough battles. For example, New Jersey just passed a law allowing direct sales to consumers. Other states like Texas are fighting to overturn bans on direct sales as well.

In terms of making sales, Tesla uses its showrooms to generate interest, but in states like Texas they can’t actually complete the transaction in-store. Interested customers are required to make the purchase online. The internet selling allows Tesla to reach customers who live in states where direct sales are banned since an online sale technically gets registered as a sale in California, Tesla’s home state.

tesla showroom mall mojo motorsGiven the amount of time and money Tesla is investing to build more showrooms and lobby for the legalization of direct sales, it’s obvious that traditional retail is crucial to Tesla’s growth strategy. Tesla currently sells tens of thousands of cars a year, but it will have to increase its presence on the ground if it wants to reach the masses and compete with the likes of Mercedes and BMW.

Thanks to the leaders such as Steve Jobs and Micky Drexler, Apple is already a leader in both ecommerce and brick and mortar sales. In many ways Tesla has borrowed from Apple’s retail strategy. Like Apple, Tesla’s showrooms are located in prime, high-traffic locations such as luxury malls and metropolitan hubs. They’re also staffed with knowledgable product experts who aren’t pushy salespeople. 

iPhone 5 models are pictured on display at an Apple Store in Pasadena, California

For those that choose to buy the iPhone or the Model S, it’s not about the cost, rather it’s the love of the product that ultimately drives the purchase decision. Apple knows how to design and market products. This is why they’ve been so successful, and much of their success is due to their stores.  Apple lets customers play with and test the products as much as they want.  If Apple produces a car, one would imagine that Apple stores would serve as a showroom where potential buyers could test it out just as they can with any Apple product.

If they choose to go with this strategy, Apple has a big head start.  They already have storefronts in 45 states while Tesla only has stores in 21 states.

If Apple shipped a car today, the company could only sell directly to consumers in 25 states (the blue states on the map). Tesla supporters are already working full-on to increase that number. New Jersey represents a major win, and if Texas overturns the direct sales ban as well, that will be another huge win for Tesla and perhaps Apple too.

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Written by Sam Jackson

Infographic by Sam Jackson

Image Credits: Tesla, Apple 

How To Insure Your Car Modifications (

cheap car ins logoArticle by Aaron Crowe for

Car owners who have added turbochargers, nitrous oxide injection systems and other ways to amplify engine power may not drive fast and recklessly, as the stereotype may dictate. Instead, they may not drive it much, keep it in a garage or other safe place, and take care of regular maintenance. Those qualities can help get a better insurance rate. Even so, they may not get extra insurance for their vehicle modifications because they either think it’s too expensive or just don’t think of it. “Many of them, they just don’t get the extra coverage,” says Paul Nadjarian, founder of Mojo Motors, which helps people find used cars to buy. [keep reading]

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