10 Reasons Why You Should Love Nascar

Dale Earnhardt Image1. You can love or hate a driver simply because they drive a Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet or Toyota. No explanation necessary.

2. She has yet to win a race in the Sprint Cup or Nationwide Series, but Danica Patrick is one of the most, if not the most, controversial driver in recent Nascar history because she is a women in a “man’s sport.”

3. Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and the #3 car. No other driver in the history of Nascar has made a bigger impact to the sport than Dale. In memory of Dale, who died after wreck at Daytona in 2001, every fan in the stands holds up three fingers on the third lap of every race. You may not know a thing about racing, but seeing over 100,000 fans quietly stand in unison to honor the great “Intimidator” will send a shiver down your spine.

4. Fans are allowed to bring coolers full of soda (beer) into the stands.

5. Eight Nascar racetracks can fit over 100,000 race fans.

6. Kyle Busch. He is the most hated driver in the sport because he “drives dirty” and “cheats.” Some don’t like that he drives a Toyota. Thing is, he drives more like Dale Earnhardt Sr. than any other driver in the sport.

Daytona Race7. Nascar fans are patriotic and love beer. If you love America and/or beer, it would only make sense you should love Nascar too.

8. You can wear ridiculously colorful, logo-brandished jackets or air-brushed t-shirts with a portrait of your favorite driver and not get weird glances. In fact, you’ll probably be complimented.

9. Depending on the track, stocks cars are capable of reaching speeds of over 190 miles per hour. Couple that kind of speed with pack racing where 30 cars get grouped up and you definitely have more excitement (and noise) than a hot dog eating contest.

10. Tailgating for a Nascar race is a lot like tailgating for a football game, except instead of tailgating for just a few hours like football, a Nascar tailgate starts a week before the actual race. On that note, what happens in the Daytona infield, stays in the the Daytona infield.