4 summer sales tips you can use now

The hot days of summer are here and for many of us that means a change in the amount of traffic we see on our lot. For me, summer was always a perfect time to try and test new ideas and techniques. Let’s help your summer out, shall we?

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Here are a four tips that will help keep your sales team active and maybe even develop new habits that will propel you into the fall.

  1. Set goals. Decide what your specific goals are for the summer months. This means sitting down with each sales person individually to talk about setting personal goals. How many cars do they plan on selling for this month? Help them break down that goal into smaller daily goals. For example, in order to sell the designated number of cars, how many people will they need to talk to in a day? How many phone calls should be made and how many emails should be sent out on a daily basis? This is important because not only does it let you track their progress, but it lets the team know you’re behind them.
  2. Training. Find a leadership book that you can share with your staff. John Maxwell’s How Successful People Think is an excellent one. So is Zig Ziglar’s book Selling 101. Buy copies for your staff and set up a weekly one hour meeting where you review each chapter of the book and discuss how it applies specifically to your dealership. Your staff will grow in confidence and you will see positive returns.
  3. Customer Experience. Work on improving your overall customer experience. If it’s really true that the customer is number one, then summer is a great way to show that off. Offer them a bottle of water when they arrive and once they have selected a car, take them back inside, let them sit while you go get the car and get it cooled off with the A/C. One way I let the customer know they were appreciated was to have popsicles on hand in a freezer for a customer to cool off after a test drive. It’s a nice way to help them relax before you start working on the numbers.
  4. Incentives. Create incentives for your sales staff to have a three-day weekend. For example, the salesperson who sells the most referral customers in a month gets a three day-weekend at the beginning of the next month.

Summer is here and it’s time to think outside of the box. Try a few new things, invest in your staff and have a good time. Fun is what summer is all about, right? You won’t regret it and your staff will appreciate it.

Written by Bryan Jennings

Photo credits: Brendale Body Works