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How we close sales using join.me

join.me logoI’m always searching for innovative tools that can help me sell Mojo Motors more efficiently to car dealerships. While there are tons of products out there, there are only a few that fit my needs. At the recommendation of a colleague, I discovered join.me, a screen-sharing tool that helps me present, train, and demo my product, Mojo Motors website, with ease.

In the past, when showing a prospective client a product like Mojo, I would have the client log onto the site. After getting the prospective client to the site, I would then navigate the individual through the product. There were three factors that easily, and often did, prevented me from pitching the product as efficiently as possible: internet speed, technology limitations and distractions. [keep reading]

Selling dealers on a startup

As seen on the internetHow does a start-up like Mojo Motors go about selling a product to dealers who are unfamiliar with a new digital product and technology?

As an Account Executive, it’s my job to convince car dealers that our platform will help them sell cars.  I know these guys get dozens of phone calls each day from people trying to sell them something. Most of the time it’s crap, but occasionally a call will come in from someone offering a novel product that really will help them make money. [keep reading]

Top 10 realizations about New England car dealerships

After speaking to dozens of contacts at dealerships throughout New England, I started to paint a picture for how a dealership was run and the type of people who work there. After spending a day visiting some dealerships like Madison Chrysler, Gale Toyota or Longmeadow Motor Cars, I compiled a list of realizations I made through my travels.

10. Donuts. They love donuts.

9. Smoking inside showrooms might actually be permitted.

8. Every person is a potential sale. Even though the salesmen knew our intention was to discuss our marketing partnership, we were still constantly asked if we were interested in buying a car.

7. The customer ALWAYS comes first. Meetings will be blown off if there is any possibility someone in the store might be interested in a car. [keep reading]

Letter from the new guy

Whether it’s the first day of school, your first day of work, or your first day driving your recently purchased vehicle, first days can rock you like a hurricane.

I’ve had a lot of firsts in my life. My first day as a man, according to my Rabbi, was 15 years ago this month. First days of high school and college were memorable. My first day in “the real world” working a BS job is certainly one I won’t forget. Last month included my first day living with a female, which I found to be quite, what’s an appropriate phrase… a different experience (but in a good way). Then there were my first days at Mojo Motors and my first day recovering from the most damaging hurricane in the last 100 years, which just so happened to land on the same day. [keep reading]