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Gifts for people who like cars

At Mojo Motors, we’ve been hard at work putting together our holiday list of gifts to give and get. Here a few of the top picks for the car guy or car girl in your life.

Christmas Treet

We did leave out the Bugatti, Ferrari and 911 Turbo. Maybe next year. [keep reading]

Confessions of a car shopper

I was asked to write an article about our sales process at Mojo Motors. I’ll do that at some point, but I had an interesting email from a close friend that I’d like to share with his permission instead.

James, a freelance photographer, is in the middle of shopping for a used car.  I gave him some pointers and sent him an article, “Confessions of a Used Car Salesman,” that I consider THE seminal work on the car business—it is required reading at Mojo Motors and should be required reading before you buy a car. The following is an email he sent back to me. [keep reading]

We Are Quitters

Vince Lombardi said, “once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.” By that token, Mojo Motors isn’t just a bunch of habitual quitters, we are addicts! You might find this nauseating, but fight your urge to spit at your computer in disgust and let me explain.

Riding the subway this morning I listened to Freakonomics Radio, a podcast by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, the duo, who co-authored the best sellers Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics. They did an episode called “The Upside of Quitting,” in which they challenge our common cultural perception of quitting. They argue that if something is not right for you, ignore the sunk cost and quit it sooner rather than later.

We’ve all heard quotations from the likes of Napoleon Hill, who said, “a quitter never wins and a winner never quits,” General MacArthur, who was sure that “age wrinkles the body, but quitting wrinkles the soul,” and even Mike Tyson, who said “champions don’t quit.” They are all wrong. [keep reading]