Auto throwbacks from the 90’s

ren and stimpy car image

The 90’s are coming back and the proof lives at TeenNick on Nickelodeon. From midnight until 2AM each night, the network airs reruns of Keenan and Kel, Clarissa Explains it All, All That and Hey Arnold!, to name just a few. Nostalgia is the hot “thing” right now and used car dealers have an opportunity to target their late model cars toward the nostalgic young adult. Consider the average viewer was about 10-18 years old back in 1998, that means they are about 23 to 31 years old today, give or take. They’re movers and shakers and they want to drive the cars from their youth, right? Of course they would want the Dodge Caravan with all those Cheetos stains on the back bench and fake exterior wood paneling. What about the luxurious Buick Roadmaster? Read on to find out some of the cars from the 90’s that could be making a comeback.

Ford Aerostar

Ford Aerostar picture

The Ford Aerostar was a minivan that was supposed to look like a NASA space shuttle, albeit, a space shuttle that had a right-side only sliding door and half-eaten Happy Meal cheeseburgers stuffed in the backseat pockets.

Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus Image

This was Ford Motor Company’s bread and butter of the 90’s. Available as both a sedan and wagon, the Ford Taurus was the official vehicle of shuffling. In fact, some say it inspired LMFAO’s popular song Rock Anthem, “Everyday I’m Shuffling.”

Oldsmobile Toronado Troféo

Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo Image

The Oldsmobile Toronado Troféo was a rare site back in the 90’s and only the tech-savvy grandpas had one. Aside from the sophisticated accent over the ‘e’ in Troféo, it had one of the first touch-screen Visual Information Centers that could actually sync to car phones (remember at that time they were still car phones).

Geo Metro Hatchback

The Geo Metro offered fuel efficiency and compact design before it was cool. A fun fact about the Metro is it sits on the same platform as the Suzuki Cultus. Yes, the Cultus, which means “care” in Latin. It should be noted, Mojo Motors does not currently have any used car listings of the Geo Metro or the Suzuki Cultus.

Photo credits: dctobc, cargurus, edmunds, consumerguides, bestsellingcarsblog