Cars in the movie 2 Guns

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg star in 2 Guns, an action comedy about two fake crooks that don’t know they are both working for the United States government. Walhberg plays Michael Stigman, an ex-Navy officer discharged for injuring an MP. His assignment is to incriminate Washington’s character, Robert Trench, who is working a deal with drug kingpin Papa Greco, played by Edward James Olmos. Stigman is also ordered to kill Trench. If the mission is successful, Wahlberg will be allowed to re-join the Navy and his record will be cleaned.

denzel washington and mark whalberg movie poster 2 guns image

Trench, meanwhile, is working on a three undercover assignment for the DEA in an attempt to bring down Greco’s drug empire. Stigman is Trench’s right-hand man, learning Trench’s business, doing his dirty-work and basically just waiting to kill him. It’s why Stigman thinks Trench is a real crook and also why Trench feels the same way about Stigman.

Unlike some other movies we’ve covered in the past like Pain & Gain or Jack Reacher, 2 Guns has one of the widest roster of cars with classics like a 1974 Chevrolet Impala convertible and a 1970 Dodge Challenger and wildcards like a Pontiac Aztec or Plymouth Voyager minivan. Keep reading to see them all.

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1970 Dodge Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger Matte Black

One of Stigman’s classic cars in the movie is a flat black Dodge Challenger. It is actually a 1974 Challenger that was modified to look like a 1970. The original engine in a 1970 Challenger was a 318. For extra power, however, a 440 was added sometime later in this muscle car’s 43 year old life. Side note, this Challenger was also used in the movie In Time, with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

used dodge challenger

Chrysler 300

Denzel Washington Chrysler 300

Unlike his counterpart, Trench drives something that is a little more discreet, the Chrysler 300. Interestingly, no misfortunes befall the 300 like the Dodge Ram Quad Cab, the Charger, the Bronco and the old-school Impala.

Chrysler 300 button

Ford Bronco

1978 1979 Ford Bronco

The second classic vehicle driven by Stigman is a 1978 or 1979 Ford Bronco. It is Stigman’s and Trench’s accomplice as they successfully steal $43 million of what they believe to be Papa Greco’s money. Much to the chagrin of Full Size Bronco message board members, the Bronco in 2 Guns takes quite a licking against the Dodge Ram Quad Cab.

Pontiac Aztec

Edward James Olmos 2 Guns Movie Car

This is the wildcard in 2 Guns. Drug kingpin Papa Greco is very, very rich. He has his own drug cartel, a huge compound in Mexico and nice McMansion in Texas. Parked outside his Texas house is a black Pontiac Aztec. It’s seen in at least two scenes and it really defies all logic because no one drives an Aztec, especially someone who operates a multimillion dollar drug cartel.

Dodge Ram Quad Cab

White Dodge Ram 1500 from 2 Guns Movie

The Dodge Ram used in 2 Guns was driven by Papa Greco’s cronies. Unlike the Ram 1500 above, the Quad Cab in the movie sports a brush guard which aids in its destruction of the Ford Bronco in probably the best car scene of the movie.

Used Ram 1500 pickup

Dodge Charger

Silver Dodge Charger 2 Guns Movie

The Charger in 2 Guns is driven by Trench’s love interest, Deb, played by Paula Patton. It is later totaled by Papa’s gang while Trench and Stigman are attempting to get away from a cadre of crooked Navy officers.

Used Charger Button

Plymouth Voyager

Voyager stolen by Denzel washington mark wahlberg

In 2 Guns, the unlikely duo of Trench and Stigman steal the most unlikely of vehicles – a first generation Plymouth Voyager. They even use it to break into the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station. The Voyager and its twin, the Chrysler Town & Country, seem to be having a renaissance in Hollywood. It was used in Malcolm in the Middle, Bridesmaids, Glee and the second generation Voyager was used in The Heat. It will probably turn up in another movie soon.

used chrysler minivan

Mercedes-Benz 300D Wagon

mercedes w123 2 guns movie

The 300D wagon Trench steals might be considered an upgrade over his Chrysler 300. The wagon pictured above is the same body style featured in 2 Guns, however Trench’s commandeered wagon was orange. Orange isn’t exactly subtle for a car, especially when it’s a vintage Benz, so it’s funny that Trench actually conducts recon on Papa Greco’s house from the confines of the wagon. Yes, an undercover DEA agent conducts recon in an old orange Mercedes Benz wagon.

Ford Edge

Ford Edge 2 Guns Movie

The only time Papa Greco gets behind the wheel, it’s in a Ford Edge and it isn’t even his. You know how Trench steals that veterinarian’s classic Mercedes Benz 300D wagon? Greco steals a soccer mom’s Ford Edge and her phone. Trench stole the better car.

Ford Edge Crossover For sale

1964 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

Cherry Red Impala Convertible

Trench is known as “the guy that knows a guy.” When Papa Greco and Trench were working together in the beginning of the movie, Greco asked Trench if he could get him a classic red 1964 Chevrolet Impala convertible. Their relationship crumbled before Trench could make good on an Impala, that is, until the conclusion of the movie when everything ends in a bang.

Used Impala Button

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Written by Max Katsarelas
Photo sources TheMovieDB, Deans Garage,, NetCarShow, AutoTribute