Cars in the movie Scarface

It has been over 30 years since Scarface hit the big screen and Tony Montaña, played by Al Pacino, is still a cultural icon. Set in 1980’s Miami, the cult classic chronicles Tony’s turbulent journey from lowly Cuban immigrant to gold-spangled gangster to self-destructive drug kingpin.

movie poster al pacino

The movie ends with Tony facedown and motionless in the ornate fountain in the foyer of his mansion. His body is riddled with bullets, and the water in the fountain turns to red as the camera pans up to the base of a Greek statue. The inscription at its base reads, “The world is yours.”

Scarface has drummed up controversy ever since its release because many believe it’s a perverted way of looking at the American dream. Despite his eventual demise, Tony is the protagonist. Until the very end, the viewer can’t help admiring Tony’s unwavering conviction to his own moral code even if he is responsible for most of the film’s 42 deaths and 208 f-bombs. The movie has more than just guns, drugs and girls. It has some pretty sweet cars too. So hop into Tony’s bright yellow caddy with zebra-print interior and come check it out!


1972 Citroën DS 21

scarface-citroenThe fluid, modern styling of the DS was ahead of its time. Maybe that’s why the car still looks so awesome three decades later. Thanks to the European car gods, Tony decides to blow his friend’s head off instead of blowing up this French masterpiece.

1983 Ford LTD Country Squire

scarface-1983-ford-ltd-country-squireThe Ford Squire is a beast, basically the early 80’s version of an SUV. In this scene, Tony test’s the handling ability of the big wagon as he takes a corner at speed, tailing the opposition. What better car to chase a classic French sedan than a wood-paneled American monstrosity, complete with empty Budweiser cans on the dash.


1959 Bentley S2

scarface-1959-Bentley-S2This one is a doozy. Apparently the Bentley wasn’t fancy enough for the Scarface producers, so they slapped a Rolls Royce grill on the front to make it look like a Silver Cloud. The rounded bonnet panels are what gives it away as a Bentley.

1963 Cadillac Series 62

scarface-caddy-hatThere’s no point in trying not to look foolish when you’re rolling around in a massive, brightly colored Cadillac with animal-print upholstery, so you might as well embrace it. Tony does just that while flirting with the boss’s girl. I guess she likes men in hats because the two of them end up together soon after this scene.

1979 Porsche 928 4.5L

1979-porsche-928-4.5Tony spends a lot of time at luxury car dealerships in this movie. Picking up new rides must be standard operating procedure for ambitious drug kingpins on the rise.


1968 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

scarface-impalaThe chainsaw scene in the first half of Scarface is difficult to forget, unlike this beat up Chevrolet Impala. With no chrome on the wheels and no animal-print in the interior, this car is a symbol of Tony’s humble beginnings. The Impala may not be new and shiny, but it has 4 wheels and an engine, so it worked just fine as a getaway vehicle.


1980 Ford Econoline Van


Last but not least, the sketchy van. Like the A-Team, no criminal organization is complete without one.

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Written by Sam Jackson

Photo credits: YouTube, IMCDB, Universal Pictures