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Tips to help keep you safe and your car maintained.

Shoppers care more about bulletproofed trucks than recalls

A few months back we studied over 35,000 emails to dealerships on Mojo Motors from shoppers interesting in buying a car. What we found was shoppers don’t care about recalls. Only two people asked about them. That’s right, only .005 percent of people asked about recalls. Since that article was published, there have been something like a billion more vehicle recalls and that’s not counting those GM recalls.

truck-with-bullet-holesShoppers now must really be wary of open recalls on used cars. They aren’t. In a study of nearly 20,000 new email leads to dealers since May, not a single person mentioned the word recall. Most people don’t even ask questions as the majority of people (81 percent) use the stock email message. Here’s what everyone else (19 percent) wanted to know. [keep reading]

7 handy tips for selling your car online (

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 4.00.44 PMArticle by Karhryn Hawkins for the Blog

If you’re ready to part with your car, you could sell or trade it to a dealership with little to no hassle. However, you’ll likely give up a significant amount of your sale price, as dealerships need to add in their markup when reselling your vehicle. [keep reading]

What kinds of minivans are there?

If you’ve found the hunt for a used crossover or SUV to be a little confusing, that’s OK, it is confusing. There are lots and lots of different types, sizes and prices. Researching a used minivan is simpler and much more straightforward.

Minivan Buying Guides

Chrysler Minivan red

Consider these minivans you can find on All seat 7 to 8 people, except for the Mazda5, and are comparable in size, price and features like sliding doors. Keep reading for a list of minivans below, or click on what of the links above for detailed information about the used minivan you want to buy.

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Performance Cars the Wife Will Let You Get Away With

Volvo V70 R

Sporty cars come in many shapes and sizes. Some are known to be fast, and look the part too. Many others are slightly pretentious and sport a spoiler here and diffuser there; perhaps a larger set of rims than the stock alloys while remaining mechanically identical to the non-sporty members of their lineup. And then there is a small group of cars which don’t appear to be out of the ordinary, yet can be faster than most cars this side of 911 Turbo. The simple truth is that a spoiler doesn’t make your car go any faster. In fact, unless you’re going much faster than is safe for your license, it isn’t doing anything at all aerodynamically either, so let’s not kid ourselves. Luckily, a few car manufacturer don’t want to kid with you either, and side step the marketing department to build proper performance hidden away in inconspicuous packages.

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You know a used car has been in a flood if…

Be wary of buying a used car or truck from private sellers in Florida and other southern states in the following months. Tropical Storm Debby wasn’t too kind to the Sunshine State, dropping nearly two feet of rain and causing extensive flooding. This means there are thousands of cars with flood damage driving around. Check out the photo gallery here if you have no idea what Tropical Storm Debby is or what happened in Florida the past few days.

A vehicle history report like CarFax, which is available from most dealerships using Mojo Motors will clear up any questions about flood damage right up front.  AutoCheck will also give you the skinny if the used car of your dreams took swimming lessons. While most dealerships provide a CarFax report for free, expect a charge when looking up the VIN from a private seller.

If you’re looking to buy a used car in states like Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia or Mississippi, you’ll know a car has been in a flood if:

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Used cars to buy this summer

The Detroit News reported the price of gas is dropping (down 3.5% from a year ago) and that is causing the price of small cars to drop too. According to the article, the average price of gas is about $3.71 and if prices stay below $4.00, car shoppers will buy trucks, SUVs and minivans. Even though used car prices are at record highs because of inventory shortages, their prices will decline if gas prices do, in fact, remain stable.

 Toyota Prius Burnout

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Our favorite car-ish websites

Everyone reads Jalopnik and AutoBlog…or at least everyone who likes reading about cars. If you don’t like reading about cars, here are some lesser-known car-ish blogs that cater to a more general populous. Perhaps you’ll enjoy them too.

Mojo Motors Guy

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How to get an article published on Wikipedia

The curious, the college student, the lazy, the fun seekers and the purveyors of anything find Wikipedia valuable. Ignore the naysayers who think Wikipedia isn’t credible. Why? Because they have vigilant editors. Editors that take their powers to remove, correct and hack apart pages very, very seriously.

Have a lot of typos? FLAGGED.

Don’t cite sources? FLAGGED.

Article written like an advertisement? FLAGGED.

False edits? FLAGGED.

We can go on…we won’t.

get an article published on wikipedia

The value of a Wikipedia article is immense from both an informational aspect and search engine optimization aspect. Look up something online and you’ll notice a Wikipedia article almost always appears on the first page. That’s powerful. It adds legitimacy to a company, person or organization. Plus, a Wikipedia article like Mojo Motors contains links back to our website which improves SEO. In other words, improving our SEO means we will appear higher in searches. This is drastically over simplified, but the most important thing to remember is Wikipedia articles are extremely beneficial and useful. So how do you get a Wikipedia article published? It’s not easy.

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The best cars for foodies

Car makers design with comfort and ergonomics in mind. It’s why temperature gauges are grouped together in one area of your dashboard and your radio is grouped together in another (unless you drive a Dodge Journey). It’s why your mid-size sedan has enough cup holders for a family of 12. It’s also why your work truck has a step ladder built into the bed. The interior is where designers spend a considerable amount of time trying to make everything as user-friendly as possible.

Drive Thru Line Image

Based on our experience, the armrest between the two front seats double as a dinner table and whoever said size of the armrest doesn’t matter clearly never tried to eat a McDonald’s Big Mac Meal (supersized, of course) in a Ford Aspire. When determining what kind of used car or truck you want to buy, consider your tastes. It’s all about accommodation. Do you like eating a bowl of spaghetti while cruising down the interstate? How about an empanada while driving the carpool? We never recommend eating and driving, but sometimes busy lives call for desperate measures. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to help you, foodie extraordinaire, figure out the best used car or truck to buy.

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