Will 3D printing change the auto industry?


The automotive industry is changing rapidly. There are more than a quarter million electric cars on American roads, some of which have a range over 200 miles in between charges.  It is legal to operate driverless cars in five states and at least 7 automakers will launch driverless cars by 2020. Will 3D printing, the Star Trek-esque technology that’s been all over the news lately, be the next technology to disrupt the auto industry? The short answer is, yes. It already has. [keep reading]

The greenest cars

Car enthusiasts catch a significant amount of flack from eco-friendly folks. Climate change is happening, and in 2015 it’s tough to be passionate about something that ultimately harms our environment. That’s why Mojo Motors has made it our resolution to become more green in 2015. Our first step on the road to biological bliss it to show Mojo shoppers the greenest cars available today.


Considering the abysmal 11/18 MPG it retrieves from the 691hp V12 engine, the Lamborghini Aventador doesn’t seem like a green car on paper. But then you take a look at this baby and BAM! Undeniably green. [keep reading]

Cars in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies is the final installment of The Hobbit series, and undeniably one of the biggest movie releases of 2014. Writer and Director Peter Jackson takes us on an epic fantasy adventure filled with Elves, Dwarves, Orc armies and giant bats. But as automotive enthusiasts, we’re most anxious to see what kind of cars they drive down in Middle Earth. That’s why we’ve put together this completely legitimate article of best cars from the film.

the hobbit dragon gtr

Here we see Bard the Bowman face to face with Smaug, the bone-chilling dragon that invaded the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor. Luckily Bard has his own reptilian beast, a 545HP Nissan GTR known as Godzilla.  [keep reading]

How to prepare your car for winter


Here in the Northeast, winter means fresh snowfall and donuts in the supermarket parking lot. But, it’s not all fun and games. Check out these GIFS if you want to see why. Winter weather tends to exacerbate car problems, so it’s smart to spend a few hours getting your car ready before the cold weather sets. Many of these suggestions are things you should already be doing year round, such as oil changes. But with the cold temperatures adding extra strain, it’s critical that your car is in good repair. [keep reading]

Autonomous car proliferation predictions proffered (Technology Tell)

technology tell logoArticle by Brett Solomon for Technology Tell

Sorry, it is not that our Creskin powers are weak — they are non-existent when it comes to the arrival of the first autonomous cars. Why? I predict that an auto manufacturer out of left field will be the first out of the gate. Or Google will. In any event, check out this cool chart from MojoMotors.com that shows manufacturer predictions. [keep reading]

Diesel Facts to Dealership Hacks (Gawker Media)

Article by Andy Jenson for Gawker Media

Car shopping can be about as fun as chasing down electrical problems on a fifty-year-old British sports car. Between dealership runaround, price volatility, and variables from site to site, buying a vehicle can take hours of work and a ton of cross-shopping. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Enter Paul Nadjarian. [keep reading]

About gas taxes (boston.com)

boston-dot-com-logoArticle by Bill Griffith for boston.com

Snowbirds and parents driving college students along the East Coast on a regular basis quickly realize that gas prices are lower in New Jersey, Virginia, and South Carolina. Conversely, it’s best to avoid filling up in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. The reason? State taxes on gasoline vary considerably around the country. A tip of the cap goes to Sam Jackson and New York-based car-shopping website MojoMotors.com for compiling the countrywide data. One of the reasons for doing the study, notes Jackson, is the pending global warming tax that California is scheduled to implement on January 1, adding a predicted 15 cents per gallon. [keep reading]

What is Behind the Name of Your Car? (Hooniverse)

hooniverse-logoArticle by Kamil Kaluski for Hooniverse

The folks at Mojo Motors came up with another interesting infographic which deals with car model names. Specifically, they grouped many car model names in groups of: Location, Adventure, Nature, Cultural, Transportation, Power, Futuristic, Versatility, Speed, Musical, Human Names, and Technology. [keep reading]

Sales Representative

Are you looking to join a highly ambitious technology startup and build a career in sales? Are you looking for a company that will invest time in your development, support your professional growth and listen to your ideas?

If the answer is yes to the above, you may have found your dream job and we may have found our dream hire!

I’m Dan, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Mojo Motors. I am looking for a super talented individual to join our world-class team.

Mojo Motors is an automotive market place, helping dealerships market their used inventory to car shoppers around the US.

Mojo Motors engages car shoppers like no other automotive website with cutting edge features like follow, price drop alerts, and industry leading remarketing campaigns.

Fast integration with any feed provider ensures our dealer partners can setup Mojo Motors quickly and easily, leveraging the infrastructure their dealership already uses to market their vehicles. Mojo integrates with dealer CRM and sales processes, seamlessly adding value and generating business.

Our long term vision is to change the way consumers buy used cars by making the process easy and beautiful.

To achieve this goal we need an amazing team. Here’s where you come in.

The Sales Development Representative (SDR) will generate new business opportunities by following a proven process to prospect into new business accounts. You’ll learn highly valuable skills initiating contact with target accounts and establishing fit without ever making a cold call, as well as creating sophisticated email and telephone campaigns.

The SDR will conduct high-level conversations with senior managers about their business, discussing the marketing challenges they face in a fast paced digital world. You will also deliver first class product demos using our cutting-edge responsive product and administration panel.

The successful candidate will be a strongly self-motivated and entrepreneurial individual who is process-orientated, methodical and tenacious, and can effectively interact with a team. This position has advancement potential within the sales organization, and the compensation package includes an uncapped commission structure.

Here’s a video where I explain a little more about the company and role. Please take a look.

Desired Skills & Experience

Key Responsibilities
– Learn and execute proven processes to generate new sales opportunities
– Strategize with top-producing sales managers
– Map prospective accounts around organizational structure, people and existing technology
– Engage with executives in targeted prospect accounts
– Orchestrate discussions with senior execs around their business needs
– Manage and maintain a pipeline of interested prospects hitting key monthly and quarterly metrics
– Leverage CRM tools to prospect into specific geographic territories and sectors

– A commanding desire to learn and succeed in tech sales
– 2+ years sales or related market/business experience
– Candidates should have one of the following: software/SaaS experience, sales experience or other related business experience
– Salesforce.com experience a plus
– The ability to write succinct, crisp emails and a great phone manner
– Knowledge of any of the following industry sectors a plus: digital and mobile marketing, e-commerce, automotive sales

Behavioral Requirements
– A desire to do and achieve brilliant things!
– Authentically curious, you love learning and improving yourself
– Highly process-orientated
– Integrity is fundamentally important to you
– You want to make a real difference
– You are naturally entrepreneurial
– You are street smart

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resume and cover letter. Applications without a cover letter specific to this position will not be considered. Your cover letter will tell us more about you than your resume, so please take your time.

Please apply to jobs@mojomotors.com

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