Cool used car of the future: Audi A7

At Mojo Motors, we sell used cars and there are some really great models to be had right now, like this Rabbit R32 or Mustang GT500 Shelby. The thing is, there are other great cars we love, but can’t include in our listings because they’re still concepts or too brand-spanking new. We will share these cars in a weekly segment appropriately titled “Cool used car of the future.”

In this week’s edition, we’re featuring the the Audi A7 which was released only a few months ago.

audi a7 image

When looking at the A7, it can be hard to classify. It looks like a coupe, but it also looks like a sedan. So what is it? Technically, it’s a five-door hatchback and priced at nearly $70,000, this is no ordinary hatchback. In their review, Car and Driver dubbed the A7 a “sportback” which makes sense if you look at the specs.  It’s beastly fast and stunningly beautiful which is exactly why it is the first car to be featured in this segment.

For further proof, try these stats on for size:

Engine: 310 HP V6 Supercharged

Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic

Drivetrain: Quattro AWD (Obviously)

0-60: 5.1 Seconds

Enough said.

Photo credit: newspurple