Cool used car of the future: Chevrolet Camaro Intimidator

At Mojo Motors, we sell used cars and there are some really great models to be had right now, like this Subaru Impreza or this Chevrolet Equinox. The thing is, there are other great cars we love, but can’t include in our listings because they’re still concepts or too brand-spanking new. That’s why we share these vehicles in our segment, “Cool used car of the future.” This week we are featuring the Chevrolet Camaro Intimidator.

Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Camaro Intimidator Image

Based off the legendary racing career of Dale Earnhardt Sr., the Chevrolet Camaro Intimidator is a beast of a muscle car and with a base price tag of $79,993, it has a beast of a price. Is it worth it? Try this on for size. The heavily modded Camaro has got 704 horses with an Eaton Gen VI 2300 Supercharger capable of producing 695 lb/ft of torque. Plus, with chrome tattooed on each badge, the grill and wheels, it looks classy racing past every other car meandering along on the roadways.

Photo credit: Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet