Cool Used Car of the Future: Chrysler 700C

The minivan is back in all of its sliding door glory. At the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Chrysler unveiled a futuristic minivan that was so unexpected, it even surprised the Chrysler communication staff according to The Car Connection.

Chrysler 700C Concept Angle Image Mojo Motors Blog

The concept doesn’t have an engine or drive train because Chrysler is putting focus on the vehicle’s design as a possible replacement for the Town & Country. The brand will rely on input from Auto Show visitors, using the crowd to determine the pros and cons of the concept. Our thoughts are mixed. Minivans have waned in popularity because consumers looking for family vehicles have readily-adopted crossovers SUV-like looks.

Then why are we considering the 700C a cool used car (minivan) of the future, you ask? Because who else is betting on the resurgence of minivans other than Chrysler? Toyota, Nissan and Honda aren’t and Ford and Chevrolet don’t even have minivans. This takes some guts. The 700C’s pillars are awkwardly-shaped, but the lines are smooth and curvaceous. The grill is pathetically non-existent, but the two toned roof and narrow headlights are aggressive. There’s a lot to like about the 700C, but there’s that remaining caveat. It is still just a minivan…and it does sort of look like a late-model Nissan Quest.

Mojo Motors Blog 700C concept

Mojo Motors Blog 700C Image

Photo source: MotorTrend