Cool used car of the future: Hummer HX

You probably thought Hummer was dead and it’s OK, everyone did. With concerns about the environment and fuel prices, Hummer swallowed its ostentatiously huge, 4X4 gas guzzling unapologetic pride and went to the wayside when General Motors was dealing with that whole buy-out fiasco. Before GM was forced to end Hummer production, an electric model was in the works called the Hummer HX. It never saw the pavement, however, until a little company called My Electric Vehicle bought the design.

Humer HX Image Mojo Motors Blog

Upon closer inspection, the HX looks like a glorified golf cart. There isn’t copious amounts of room like the old H2 and, in fact, the HX is only about 9 feet long and seats two. Despite its small stature, the new Hummer can get about 60-100 miles on one charge and comes with plenty of optional features. These include a water proof sound system, DVD entertainment, 18″ wheels, heated seats and an HX-T topless model.

In the downloadable specification guide, My Electric Vehicle even offers a glimpse of their high hopes for the future of the HX as both a police cruiser and army vehicle. The Hummer lives…albeit, in a much smaller and eco-friendly package. If you find the HX to be a desecration to the Hummer brand, leave a comment or show your continued support to the brand by buying a used Hummer H2 or H3.

Hummer HX-T Blue Image Mojo Motors Blog

Hummer HX-T Backend Image Mojo Motors Blog

Hummer HX-T Interior Mojo Motors Blog

HX Army Vehicle and Police Vehicle Image Mojo Motors Blog

Photo credits: MEV