Cool Used Car of the Future: Local Motors Rally Fighter

Kids these days don’t want to own a car according to an article on Millennials and the Generation-Y are “snubbing” car ownership and automakers will need to adapt. How? Crowd-sourcing or, in other words, giving anyone and everyone the ability to participate on an assignment or task. Think of those user-generated Doritos Super Bowl commercials, for example. Local Motors is using the crowd to build cars and their first creation is the Rally Fighter. Keep reading below the picture for details.

Local Motors Rally Fighter Front End

With the help of car enthusiasts, engineers, designers and customers, Local Motors designs cars entirely around what the “crowd” wants. The Rally Fighter is their first ever vehicle and was designed through online voting and it looks like something out of a video game. Last August, the truck/SUV/crossover-thing was featured on Top Gear USA. You can watch the episode here. Tanner Foust says it best, the Rally Fighter isn’t a “dune buggy or a trophy truck,” but rather, “an off-road beast you can drive to work.” He’s right – the Rally Fighter is totally street legal.

One more thing, the off-road super machine will cost you about $74,900. Included in the price, however, is the “Build Experience” where buyers can actually build their own unique Rally Fighter and learn how to drive it. Doesn’t seem worth it? You could always buy a Jeep Wrangler, but perhaps the Rally Fighter’s specs below will make you think otherwise. Plus, only 2,000 of these bad boys will exist so you’ll definitely stand out and that’s exactly why the next-generation of drivers or the hardcore gamer just might want one.


– 6.2 liter V8 Engine

– 430 HP

– Rear Wheel Drive

– Automatic Transmission

– Local Motors hand-built frame

– 18″ front suspension, 20″ rear suspension

Rally Fighter Logo

rally fighter interior image

Photo credits: Local Motors