Cool Used Car of the Future: Rossion Q1

The Rossion Q1 is sexy and American which is saying a lot since there aren’t many American super cars. Unlike the Mach 7 Falcon super car (another Cool Used Car of the Future), the Rossion Q1 is heavily influenced by an existing super car, the Noble M400. Rossion has the exclusive rights to use the M400 platform and rebrand the super car as the Q1 right here in the USA. Take a look at this super car in all of its glory and keep reading for its performance specs.

Rossion Q1 Image

Rosssion calls the Q1 “performance redefined” and while a super car in Europe will cost you well over $200,000, the Rossion Q1 is modestly priced at about $100,000. If you want to get particularly weird with the paint or other additions, expect to pay about $20,000 more. Sure, it’s not exactly cheap, but let’s take a look at what you get.

– Ford Twin-Turbocharged V6

– 450 Horsepower

– 6-Speed Stick Shift

– Mid-Engine, RWD

– Carbon Fiber Seats

– Leather Interior Surfaces

– Custom Rossion Instruments and Gauges

– 0-60 in 3.1 seconds

– Quarter Mile in 11.3 seconds

That’s a lot of stuff. Here are some other pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Rossion Q1 Side Image

Green Rossion Q1 Image

Rossion Q1 Front End Image

Rossion Q1 Interior

Photo credits: Rossion Cars