Cool Used Car of the Future: Tesla Model X

Tesla Motors, the electric car manufacturer is bringing something new to the crossover market and it’s called the Tesla Model X. You may remember Tesla Motors for designing electric cars like the Model S or Roadster, but their latest whip is bigger, roomier and more practical. Tesla claims the Model X will “blend the best of an SUV with the benefits of minivan, as only an electric car can.” For the complete low down, keep reading below.

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The crossover stays true to the segment, offering AWD and room for up to seven. The renderings don’t give you a good gauge for size, but Tesla has stated the Model X is about the same size as an Audi Q7 but has 40% more room inside. They don’t offer much of an explanation so we’ll just have to take their word for it. What seems to be a surprisingly practical electric crossover is sullied by questionable styling elements.

The “falcon wing doors” (seen below) look beautiful, but there’s no place for a roof rack. The touch-screen center dashboard looks like a giant iPad, but will drivers adjust to button-less climate and radio controls? Potential drawbacks aside, the Model X can hit reach 60MPH in 4.4 seconds and The Detroit News reported that Tesla has taken $40 million in advanced orders for the crossover, calling it an “instant hit.”

Mojo Motors Blog Tesla Model X Image

Mojo Motors Blog Image Tesla

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Photo credits: Tesla