Cool used car of the future: Vygor Opera

It seems like bad timing for an unheard of Italian car company called Vygor to announce the release of a new luxury crossover. Especially when considering an established brand like Saab can’t get help from their own country and most people have yet to see a Tesla Motors car on the road even though the brand’s been around for nearly a decade. No matter, Vygor plans to shake up the automotive world with the Opera.

Mojo Motors Future Used Car Vygor Opera Image

The Vygor website makes some lofty claims about their mash up of a sport utility vehicle and coupe, or maybe there was something lost in translation. Their slogan “Power of Emotion” is eerily similar to Honda‘s “The Power of Dreams,” but let’s just use the lost in translation excuse again. The Vygor website says the Opera “was born out of a dream: combining the uniqueness of handicraft car, the beauty of made in Italy, together with the performance of a supercar and a completely new shape.” Even loftier, “Reality becomes a dream, the dream is Opera.”

Maybe if they toned down the over-promising language the Opera wouldn’t have gotten flamed here, here and over there. While the specs of the Opera haven’t officially been released, it’s expected to have about 300 horses and wheels that range in size from 18 to 22 inches. The interior will be totally customizable to the buyer and it will weigh about 3,300 pounds, roughly the same as a BMW 3-Series. Even though the Opera isn’t getting much love, it doesn’t look that bad. Blame it on the clean white paint and well matched gold rims. For the time being, if you’re in the market for a small luxury crossover, stick to a used BMW X6 or a used Cadillac SRX.

Vygor Opera Concept Image Mojo Motors Cool Used Car of the Future

Mojo Motors Cool Used Car of the Future Vygor Opera Image

Photo credits: Motor Authority