Coolest used cars signs

Some car dealers have fancy signage and amazing waiting rooms. Those are the types of stores updated once every few years with LED TVs, magazine racks filled with iPads and waiting rooms that smell like morning lilies.

Old Chevy dusty

For every dealer that’s all hoity-toity, there is a store that’s a little rough around the edges. They’re the used car lots off the mile roads. They haven’t changed with the times, the televisions are analog and the waiting rooms smell like cigarettes and stale coffee. Those are the stores, however, that rock old-school and vintage used car signs that are like time machines, gaudy time machines.

The coolest used car signs. These are them.

Old School Car Sign Buy Here Pay Here USed Cars Euro Motor Cars Used Car Sign OK Used Cars Sign Image Used Car Sign on Building Arrow Used Car Sign Image Arrow for Used Car Entrance Sign

Written by Max Katsarelas
Photo source: Flickr