Disruption is hard

Disruption is hard. When I joined Mojo Motors a year and half ago, I thought we were going to tear the used car industry a new one. Boy was I sort-of right.

Shopping for a used car is a pain. It’s hard to find the right car, track prices, and get a good deal without spending a ton of time and fielding a lot of calls. We built a solution at Mojo Motors that really helps people buy a used car. We had to take care of our dealer partners too, and we thought we had. You see we charged them whenever a Mojo member purchased a car. Sounds fair right?

Well, dealers didn’t really like that model. It was a problem of timing. The dealer would sell the car and calculate their gross only to get a bill from Mojo a few days later. Way to throw a wrench in it.

We’ve worked hard to find a better way to charge dealers and I think we have. My point isn’t to talk about how we fixed it, but rather how hard it is to disrupt. You have to think about your suppliers and your customers. You can’t just disrupt an industry without serving the best interests of both – and sometimes those are in conflict. Take a look at TruCar’s struggles and you’ll see a great example.

Customers, we love you and we will always make it easier to find a good deal on a used car. And we’ll never charge you for it. Go Follow a car and we’ll do the rest.

Dealers, we love you too. And we will provide great customers and more sales without breaking your process. Contact me and I’ll tell you how.

Written by Dan Harman

Photo credits: BCND