Don’t do these 5 things when buying a used car

1. Don’t buy a car in the first ten days it’s been listed. Unless you have a great deal staring at you in the face, be patient. Dealerships don’t typically lower the price of a vehicle in the first ten days of listing it online. Any cars still available after that ten day window are fair game to negotiate and bargain your way to a great deal. If the price is still high after a price drop and you’re not in a rush to buy, just keep waiting. The typical used car on Mojo Motors drops in price about three times before being sold.

2. Don’t go to the dealership to check out a car before calling them first. Dealerships can be disorganized places. Just because a car isn’t marked as sold online doesn’t mean it’s actually available at the dealership. Before driving 30 minutes or longer, it’s best to call the dealership and find out if there’s a deposit on the vehicle or if it’s been sold.

3. Don’t trade in your car at the dealership. Yes, it’s way more convenient to trade in your old car or truck when you’re buying something at the dealership, but if you sell privately you can make a lot more money. Dealerships will sometimes offend car buyers by offering pennies for a trade-in. The less they can give you on a trade-in, the more they can make reselling the car. Instead, throw the car up on Craigslist, see what you can get for it and wait a few weeks. You’ll be happy you did.

4. Don’t buy a car without talking to someone who owned or owns the same model. It’s the 21st century – crowd source the web for answers, read reviews and ask for opinions about the car you want. Never expect to buy a perfect car because a perfect car doesn’t exist, but you can by something pretty darn close. Listen to the people you trust about the issues they faced while owning that vehicle and the things they loved so you know what you’re getting into before dropping major cash.

5. Don’t leave beef jerky sticks under a car seat. You think the smell of cigarette hurts resale value? Leave some beef jerky sticks under your seat for a week and just try to get that smell out of your car. Only the “Macho Man” Randy Savage could appreciate a smell like that. That is also why he has been pictured above which probably  confused some readers.