Enthusiast will take over the Hummer Facebook page

The Hummer Facebook page hinted at something unusual when they posted this last week:

GM Authority, a blog covering General Motors, has suggested that GM will release admin access of the Facebook brand page to fans. No official statement has been made by General Motors, but this could be the first fan takeover of a brand Facebook page in history. Are Saturn or Pontiac next?

According to the Wall Street Journal, GM spends about $30 million maintaining its Facebook presence on content and ad agencies to manage the pages. That sounds like a lot of money, but let’s break down GM’s Facebook presence and their respective number of likes.

GM Facebook Pages and Likes (as of 11/13/12):

– General Motors: 429,373

– Chevrolet: 1,653,997

– Cadillac: 1,246,445

– GMC: 731,603

– Buick: 429,367

– Hummer: 285,196

– Pontiac: 103,373

– Saturn: 14,896

That’s a lot of pages to manage and even more people to keep engaged. What the above list doesn’t even include, however, are individual vehicle pages like the Chevrolet Camaro which has 3,046,751 likes or the Silverado with 480,177 likes.

Outsourcing the Facebook pages of defunct GM brands could save the General some major coin to spend on other content for thriving brand pages like Chevrolet or Buick. It could also be a good ploy to steal some of the limelight from Ford who has been hailed as the auto industry’s “social-media-marketing leader.” It also leaves areas of concern around brand image or potential controversial posts by enthusiasts.

We’ll keep you posted as the story develops.