Four ways to find a mechanic

Mechanic Shop Cool PictureThere’s two reasons why you might need a mechanic.

1. You’re buying a car.

2. Your car broke down.

You might be thinking, I need a mechanic when my car breaks down, but I definitely don’t need a mechanic when buying a car, I’ll use a Carfax. You don’t want to do that, here’s why. Having an actual mechanic inspect a car you plan to purchase may reveal details missed by a vehicle history report.

Now, you might also be thinking, I still don’t need a mechanic, the dealership’s mechanic inspected the car. Maybe they did, but maybe they didn’t. If the car is CPO, then you don’t need to have a mechanic inspect your used car. If the car isn’t CPO, you definitely want a mechanic to inspect.

So where and how do you find a good mechanic? These are the tools Mojo recommends to help you find a reliable and trustworthy mechanic in your neighborhood.

Repair Pal Logo

Repair Pal is more than just a review site of mechanics and auto repair shops. They also have created a “methodology” to determine the estimated price for common auto repairs and parts based on where you live. They have also created a program called Top Shop that recognizes expert mechanics graded by Repair Pal’s ASE Certified Master Technicians. Repair Pal is free for iPhones and Androids and you can download their app here.

Your Mechanic Logo

Your Mechanic helps you find mechanics that will make repairs at your office or your home. Why is this so great? Because auto shop waiting rooms are boring and you don’t want to spend time getting your car serviced on the weekend. You have better things to do. Your Mechanic can also save you money since their mechanics don’t have a bunch of extra costs. This means invoices are 20-30% cheaper than a local garage. Your Mechanic is only serving California now, but they plan to expand soon.

Yelp Logo

Yelp is a great way to see reviews for more than just restaurants and dealerships. You can read reviews for shops which can help you decide where you should get your car serviced. Since most reviews of dealerships tend to either be horrendously bad or amazingly nice, skip Yelp’s Sort and instead, sort by date. You’ll see what type of experience folks had during their recent visit. Yelp Mobile is free or iPhone and Androids. Download the app here.

Friends TV Show

Don’t forget to ask your friends where they get their car serviced. Post a comment on Facebook or send out a Tweet. You’ll probably hear a bunch of horror stories, but hopefully some sympathetic friends will suggest a great mechanic nearby. Or maybe one of your friends is a mechanic and is willing to help fix your car or check out a used car you want to buy for the price of a cheeseburger or a six pack of cold soda pops.

Written by Max Katsarelas
Photo source: RedBubble, Bilmoore