Fun facts about 2012 car sales

A few weekends ago Hooniverse published an article breaking down 2012 car sales. Inside the post which you can read here, there are some really interesting fun facts about the cars the were sold. The article is long, perhaps a little too long for a weekday read, so here’s the most interesting bits you can digest in just a minute or two.

Ford Crown Vic: 546 sold in December 2012, last built in September 2011

Ford Ranger: 118 sold in December 2012, last built in December 2011

Lincoln Town Car: 1,001 sold in 2012, last built in August 2011

Buick Lucerne: One sold in December 2012, last built in June 2011

Cadillac STS: Four sold in December 2012, last built in May 2011

Chevrolet Aveo: Three sold in December 2012, replaced by the Sonic in 2011

– Chevrolet Cobalt: 11 sold in 2012, last built in 2010

Honda Element: Three sold in total during 2012, last built in 2011

Acura ZDX: 50 sold in December 2012

Mazda CX-7: 0 sold in December 2012

Nissan GT-R: 49 sold in December 2012

Here are some other odds and ends. Lincoln was somehow able to sell more MKT‘s in 2012 than 2011 despite quite possibly being one of the most beautiful-challenged vehicle on the road. The Acura ZDX isn’t necessarily a bad looking crossover, but it’s styling may be a little too aggressive for some. Check that, a lot of people might not dig the ZDX styling since the brand was only able to sell 50 last month.

It’s also important to point out Toyota hybrid car sales are growing. In fact, hybrid car sales for Toyota in 2012 increased 83.3% according to USA Today even though gas prices are steadily decreasing. It would also seem imports like Toyota and Nissan do a better job unloading discontinued models right away versus domestic brands. Case in point, General Motors dealers still have Cobalts, Aveos and HHR wagons on their lots. Here’s an idea for a new game that is sure to be a viral hit on YouTube – scour GM dealerships for the oldest new car. I bet someone could find a new Bonneville, G8 or SSR somewhere…