Gift Guide: Car Accessories

2011 Mojo Gift Guide Car Accessories ImageCars are an extension of a driver’s personality and what you drive says a lot about you. The perfect complement to any car is a host of accessories and gadgets. In the Mojo Motors Blog Gift Guide: Car Accessories we tackle the daunting task of what to get someone who needs to add some pizazz, spunk and/or practicality to their ride. For the complete guide of gift suggestions, read on.

GPS Navigation System

tomtom gps navigation system image Mojo motors blog

Getting lost is about as fun as trying to fold up a map, but both of these issues can be fixed with a GPS navigation system. Garmin and TomTom are the two most popular navigation systems and cost anywhere from $80 and on up. There are a wealth of off-brands too that can be had for pennies compared to the brand-name guys. For the directionally-challenged or the Griswolds, a navigation system is a practical gift.

Dashboard Bobblehead Figurines

Dashboard bobblehead image Mojo motors blog 2011 gift guide

The dashboard figurine is perfect for that kooky uncle or a white elephant gift exchange. The most common dashboard figurine is Lelani the dashboard hula doll or a bobblehead dog, but there are better alternatives if you look hard enough. Take, for example, less-popular figurines like Dashboard Jesus and Dashboard Bishop Hunting Bobble Buck Bobblehead.

Car Air Freshener

Car Air Freshener Mojo Motors Blog 2011 Gift Guide

If there’s a young driver in your household or know someone who just got their license, chances are they need an air freshener for their car. With the world of fast food and convenience stores just a short drive away, it is very likely their car smells like leftover fish filet sandwiches or Slim Jims. Do these kids a favor and get them an air freshener- their friends and first dates will thank them. For the ultimate odor-disguising air freshener, we recommend the Little Trees “Black Ice” scent.

Radar Detector

Cobra Radar Detector Mojo Motors Blog Image

Regardless of how many tickets speeders receive or close-calls they have with the law, they are relentless in their desire to drive at least 5 miles per hour over the speed limit. If you know of such people, perhaps it’s time you embrace their driving-lifestyle and get them a radar detector. Sure, a radar detector can cost anywhere from $40 to $200, but with the money speeders save by not paying tickets and higher-insurance rates means they will have more money to spend on gifts for you. You’re so sly.

Roof Racks

Roof Rack Image Mojo Motors Blog 2011 Gift Guide

Sometimes there’s nothing cooler on a car or truck than a roof rack and crossbars…especially on a Volkswagen, Subaru or Jeep Wrangler. It makes a vehicle look rugged and complete. It also does a nice job hauling your skis, snowboard, bike, luggage and kayak. We suggest buying from Yakima or Thule. A complete set starts around $300.

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