Gift Guide: TV Shows & Movies

2011 Mojo Motors Blog Gift Guide TV Shows and MoviesA few months back the Mojo Motors Blog put together a list of the ultimate list of movie cars. Take note, that blog post shouldn’t be used as a reference of car movies that are actually good, however. If you’re going to buy someone a car movie or DVD set for the holidays, check out our top entertainment picks of the automotive variety. For a list of the best classics, we recommend IMDb’s Best Car Movies of All Time.

Top Gear USA Season 1 ($23.83)

Top Gear USA Season 1 DVD Image

America’s version of the hit show Top Gear UK may have received lukewarm reviews, but it’s still a must watch for car geeks. Highlights of the first season include the $1,000 used car challenge and a test to find America’s toughest truck. Buy Top Gear USA Season 1 on or BBC America.

Fast and Furious: Fast Five ($14.99)

Fast Five DVD Mojo Motors Image

The Fast and Furious movie series was injected with some serious energy from the fifth installment Fast Five. The movie got a 78% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes making it the best reviewed movie from the series. Plus, the film boasts its best cast yet including Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Paul Walker, Ludacris, Jordana Brewster and Duane “The Rock” Johnson. Buy Fast Five on

Cars 2 ($19.99)

Cars 2 DVD Mojo Motors

Disney Pixar’s Cars 2 is the sequel to the popular Cars flick from a few years ago. The movie got some less-than-stellar reviews on Rotten Tomatoes with an approval rating of only 38%, but it’s grossed more money than any other animated movie in 2011. The cast of voices include Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy and to add legitimacy, race car drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jeff Gordon. Buy Cars 2 on or Target.

The Green Hornet ($10.99)

Green Hornet DVD Mojo Motors Image

Part comedy and part action-hero flick, The Green Hornet was a sleeper in 2011’s list of blockbuster films. Despite only getting 44% of positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, it features a diverse cast including Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz and Christopher Waltz (the bad guy from Inglorious Bastards). Buy the flick on

Top Gear UK Season 16 ($19.99)

Top Gear Season 16 DVD Image Mojo Motors

Season 16 of Top Gear UK has been argued as the show’s best season yet because of their notorious road trip through America’s Nascar country. It wasn’t pretty for America or the three hosts, but this segment alone is worth the cost of the DVD. Buy Top Gear UK Season 16 on

Transformers: Dark of the Moon ($19.99)

Transformers Dark of the Moon Image Mojo Motors

The Transformers series was salvaged by its third film Dark of the Moon after the second film Revenge of the fallen left viewers feeling empty.  Rotten Tomatoes may have only gave Dark of the Moon 35% of positive reviews, but the viewers can’t be wrong. Dark of the Moon released earlier this year was a massive box-office success, earning well over $1 billion even without Megan Fox to reprise her role as Shia Lebouf’s lady-friend. Buy Dark of the Moon on

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