Gifts for people who like cars

At Mojo Motors, we’ve been hard at work putting together our holiday list of gifts to give and get. Here a few of the top picks for the car guy or car girl in your life.

Christmas Treet

We did leave out the Bugatti, Ferrari and 911 Turbo. Maybe next year.

Master Car Care Collection from Griot’s Garage – $319 Car Cleaning Supplies

If you care about someone who cares about his or her vehicle, the Master Car Care Collection from Griot’s Garage is a great way to show some love. This one won’t make you baby purr, but it will make it shine.

Custom License Plate Sign – $5.95/character

Custom License Plate Image
A custom license plate sign on Etsy is a unique gift to give your wrench monkey and really spell it out for them.

Mumm Champagne – $39.97


A bottle of Mumm Champagne is a great gift for the podium finish wannabe. It’s good to drink, but better to spray. Never Mumm before driving. $39.97 for a bottle of Cordon Rouge Brut.

Vinyl Garage Floor

Vinyl Garage Floor CheckeredSometimes it is nice to step out of the car onto vinyl, not concrete. For those times, you can purchase tiles from GarageFlooring. We love the classic black and white checker look.


Cardok PorsceIf you don’t want to keep your car in the garage, why not keep it in the driveway? Better yet, why not under the driveway? Cardok makes car lifts that can park your car under the driveway. You gotta dream, right?

Dickies Toolmaker’s Apron – $15.99

Toolmaker's Apron ImageIf your car buff is always covered in grease, this Dickies Apron could save you a lot of money on blue jeans.

NASCAR Race Worn Suit – $199.00

Raceworn racing suit Napa
This is for the fan that really likes to get into the race. This probably also the same guy who yells directions to specific players during a football game and he may also still play with model trains. Indulge his auto racing fantasy and get him a genuine race-worn NASCAR suit (sweat stains included in purchase price). It may be fire retardant and it’s also guaranteed to keep you looking cool while you walk from the fridge to the couch and back.

Pressure Washer – $599.99

Pressure Washer
A heavy-duty pressure washer can help knock the mud off, just be careful not to take the paint with it.

Puma Mirra Signature Sneakers – $54

Racing Shoes
If your driver needs new kicks for the holidays, consider this; the Puma Dave Mirra Signature Sneakers. Good looking enough to wear to the next Las Vegas abandoned warehouse rave and with enough chops to keep up with heel-toe shifts.

Skully Helmets

If your favorite motor head prefers two wheels over one, the Skully Heads Up Display Helmet is going to help by showing what they can’t see—everything behind them. The helmet isn’t available to the public yet, so you either have to know someone, or give the gift of an I.O.U.

Parking Sensor

Tennis ball in garage imageIf you’re ballin’ on a budget, you can always look out for your loved one with the original parking sensor. A tennis ball and piece of string is all you need to park it perfectly every time.

Autodromo Watch – $$$

autodromo watchIf your car buff likes the metal on their wrist as much as the metal under their hood (or if they’re chronically late), buy them an Autodromo watch. We like the watches because they have red lines and the word ‘auto’ in the name. They look pretty cool, too.

Written by Jon Ollwerther