Hit or miss – car commercials from the Super Bowl

You watched the Super Bowl, everyone did. Here were the car commercials with my unscientific and arbitrary ranking system. Commercials I like get a “Hit” and commercials I don’t get a “Miss.”

Volkswagen “Get in. Get Happy.” – Hit

Some people have called this ad racist, but I call it hilarious. I know a guy who has a mom from Jamaica and he likes it so I feel OK about it and you should too.

Audi “Prom” – Hit

Anyone who has driven a fast car can relate to the excitement and false sense of confidence it might cause. I have a $300 speeding ticket and 4 points on my record to prove it.

Kia Sorento “Space Babies” – Miss

This joke has been recycled over and over and over again. I also find the sexual innuendos to be heinous. I mean, tell me what it looks like as the space ships approach the egg- wait, earth. Simply criminal.

Hyundai “Team” – Hit

Little kids doing manly things is just pure and silly fun. And that mom…how can you not like her?

Ram Trucks “Farmer” – Hit

I love it because it’s simple, poetic and a lot like this VW commercial. It doesn’t even matter farmers don’t drive RAM trucks.

Kia Forte “Hotbot” – Miss

I’m not sure what the message is here. If you can’t kick the tires on a car, how do you know if you want to buy it? And apparently Kia is not cool with tire kicking.

Toyota RAV4 “Wish Granted” – Miss

If I hadn’t seen this commercial 50 times before the actual Super Bowl, I probably would have liked it more.

Jeep “Whole Again” – Hit

I can’t criticize a commercial that is about Operation Safe Return. In fact, not liking this commercial would be more un-American than not liking the “Cat Daddy.”

Hyundai Sonata “Stuck” – Miss

It just doesn’t feel Super Bowl worthy, sort of like how the motorcycle guy in the commercial doesn’t seem worthy of his elastic pants.

Lincoln MKZ “Phoenix” – Hit

Only reason I can justify this spot not being a ‘Miss’ is because the writing is decent and the second Lincoln commercial excels in the ‘Miss’ category so much more.

Lincoln “Steer the Script” – Miss

It was a cool idea to use Tweets to “steer the script,” but I watch this ad and feel me emotionless.  Except for that part with the “alpacolypse.” I dislike puns very much. If puns were a person, I’d murder puns.

Hyundai Sante Fe “Epic Playdate” – Miss

Adding The Flaming Lips to this commercial can’t even save it from mediocrity. Like the “Stuck” spot, it just doesn’t feel Super Bowl worthy.

Mercedes-Benz “Soul” – Hit

This commercial was really close to being a flop, but the song is cool and so is the car. My gripe is with the voice over guy. His voice just isn’t strong enough and listen to way he says “seductively.” He is trying way too hard.