Holiday Gifts for Clients or Customers

Gifting clients and customers is hard, especially when you have a lot of them. There are hundreds of active dealerships using Mojo Motors and they’re likely receiving holiday sausages, cheese trays and gift baskets with fancy crackers and mustard dipping sauces.

We wanted to send our dealerships something memorable, capable of standing out amongst the dairy and meat products they’re already being sent. Last year, we sent Mojo Motors-branded Sigg bottles to all of dealers. They were great bottles, but at over $30 a pop, they were expensive. This year we wanted to do something more cost effective but just as cool, if not cooler.

This year we went with jars of candy filled with orange sticklettes and butter scotch discs we ordered from CandyWarehouse. These candies were selected mostly because they are colored orange and because I have a profound love for butter scotch flavored foods. Packaging proved to be a challenge because the jars are glass and everyone knows broken candy jars ruin holidays. As a result, we had to use packing foam wrap from ULINE to go between the jars and around the interior of the box. There were still concerns of glass breaking during the shipping process, but after the mail carrier dropped a box from about six feet without any broken glass, everyone was relieved.

Inside each box were four jars of candy, two with sticklettes and two with butterscotch discs. Custom dealer stickers printed by Sticker Mule were slapped on the jars for a little branding action and an orange piece of tissue paper was placed on top for a nice touch. We also threw in some stickers and window clings for the dealership to hang up around their dealership to remind the sales guys and car shoppers about Mojo Motors.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost per box:

* Jars + Lid = $3.52
* 1″x1″ Stickers = $0.64
* 3″x3″ Stickers = $1.56
* 7″x7″x6″ Box = $0.42
* Packing Foam Wrap = $1.12
* Shipping = $11.50
* Candy = $5
TOTAL: $23.76

Early polls reveal that boxes have been well received by dealerships, they love the stickers and more importantly, no teeth have been cracked or injured from premature biting of the sticklettes or discs. One issue with the holiday jars of candy was assembly time. It took a team of 10 people almost two hours to get all the jars stuffed and boxes assembled. This was all before writing personalized notes and printing the shipping labels. It was worth it, because not only do the jars look great, they are way more unique and creative than a holiday fruitcake.