How a business trip is done – Part 1

In the beginning, there was work. And it was good. Then there was the business trip and well…it was interesting. For those of you that have ever been in charge of putting one together, you know it can be a lot of, well, work. I am writing this blog fresh off the road after planning and executing a 5-day business trip spent meeting with 21 clients across the state of Florida.

It was me, Paul (the CEO of Mojo Motors) and the open road. Go ahead, be jealous. In addition to planning a shirt and tie combo each day, details about which company to meet with and when is equally important. Here are a few easy tips to planning your next successful business trip.

Tip #1: Finalize your dates of travel early and take EVERYTHING into account. This may seem like an obvious point but as I found out very quickly, the dates that SEEM perfect are not always the best dates in order to maximize your meeting time. They have to work for both you, your company, your client, and their upper level management team. In the process of planning the Florida trip, I found out that there would be an industry conference happening in Las Vegas the week that we were going to be in town. I called each of my clients before booking hotels and flights just to be sure that someone from their upper management team would still be at the store. Lucky for me, most of them would not be attending the conference this year.

Tip #2: Travel sites may not be the most affordable option when booking plane tickets. I hit up all the usual suspects like Hotwire, Travelocity, and Kayak only to find that none of these were the easiest to use when booking a trip that starts in NYC, flies to Tampa, travels to Miami, and then flies back to NYC from there. All endorsements aside, I ended up over on the JetBlue website, which was extremely user friendly and had some really affordable options. Total side note: can we talk about how great JetBlue is to fly? Nice, clean plane. Comfortable seating. A TV in each seat and real snacks! Makes for a great flying experience.

Check back next week for Part 2 with Tip #3 and #4.