How to get an article published on Wikipedia

The curious, the college student, the lazy, the fun seekers and the purveyors of anything find Wikipedia valuable. Ignore the naysayers who think Wikipedia isn’t credible. Why? Because they have vigilant editors. Editors that take their powers to remove, correct and hack apart pages very, very seriously.

Have a lot of typos? FLAGGED.

Don’t cite sources? FLAGGED.

Article written like an advertisement? FLAGGED.

False edits? FLAGGED.

We can go on…we won’t.

get an article published on wikipedia

The value of a Wikipedia article is immense from both an informational aspect and search engine optimization aspect. Look up something online and you’ll notice a Wikipedia article almost always appears on the first page. That’s powerful. It adds legitimacy to a company, person or organization. Plus, a Wikipedia article like Mojo Motors contains links back to our website which improves SEO. In other words, improving our SEO means we will appear higher in searches. This is drastically over simplified, but the most important thing to remember is Wikipedia articles are extremely beneficial and useful. So how do you get a Wikipedia article published? It’s not easy.

The way we went about creating an article for Mojo Motors might not be the best way for you, but it worked well for us. Before trying to throw up a half-baked article, we studied the way other articles were written. It’s best to know why an article could be flagged for being biased or written like an advertisement. We also made sure to have lots of sources backing up our claims. More sources and less content seems to work best. For example, the Mojo Motors article is extremely short, only a handful of lines, but we have four legitimate sources from TechCrunch,, BetaKit and Autoremarketing.

Here’s what we did to get published on Wikipedia:

1. Go to Articles for creation and click “Create an article now!”

2. On the next page click “Create an article now (for new users)” then select what your proposed article is about. We chose “I’m writing about a company, organisation or foundation” (Yes, Wikipedia doesn’t like the letter ‘z.’)

3. You will then be asked if your proposed article meet the requirements to be posted on Wikipedia. You must have reliable, professional sources for your article and that’s why we selected to write an article about a “notable company and is not advertising.”

4. We then chose “My proposed article has good sources” on the next page.

5. Finally, we chose to create an “Article draft.” Creating a draft allowed us to revise, rewrite and learn how to format our article before we submitted it for review. (Note: all articles will be put under a review before being published. This process can take around a week.)

Wikipedia offers some advice when writing articles, but we found the best way to create a great article is just looking at the way other articles are edited. You can see this by clicking on the “Edit” tab on the top right of any Wikipedia article.

How to edit wikipedia article

From the edit view, use any good article as a template. It’s a good idea to choose a company or person similar to your article. We would also suggest referencing other Wikipedia articles. From our Wikipedia article, for example, you can access Atlas Venture and Ford Motor Company. We also added a link to the Mojo Motors article from Atlas Venture. If Puff Daddy was writing a Wiki article he’d say, “it’s all about the credibility.” Stupid joke, but good advice. Lastly, remember to be patient. An article won’t be published right away and it won’t be perfect the first time. If you’re flagged, make changes and wait for an editor to remove the flag. Again, be patient, editors aren’t paid and they have better things to do than read Wikipedia all day. At least we hope so.