How to Negotiate the Price of a Used Car

How to negotiate car prices imageMojo Motors wants to make it easier for you to buy a used car or truck. That’s why the Mojo Discount Price you see on our website is the price you pay when you walk into the dealership. You don’t have to haggle, argue or go toe-to-toe with a professional salesperson. Now imagine holding your Mojo Discount Price Voucher and walking through the dealership’s doors, you’ve already read the Mojo Buying Guide, taken the test drive and you’re in love with the car. Thing is, you still want a better deal because you’re a deal ninja, price haggler, coupon clipper, penny pincher, [insert bargain buyer cliche here]. Keep reading to find out what you’ll need to do to get an even better price on a used car or truck at the dealer.

1. Know everything about the used car or truck you want to buy.

Research! Does it have any recalls? Have the brakes been replaced or the transmission rebuilt? How is the tire tread? If anything isn’t up to your specifications, point it out! Ask if the used car or truck will come with a dealer warranty. Also check out the Most Popular Used Cars and Trucks posts on the Mojo Motors Blog to determine a vehicle’s demand. If a vehicle is heavily searched on our website, chances are dealers are selling them quickly.

2. Don’t look like you’re in love with the car!

If the car is in nearly perfect shape and you can’t point out any faults, make sure to keep your poker face on. A salesperson can totally tell if you’re liking one of their cars and if you make it obvious, they have the negotiating power.

3. If applicable, talk about the value of your trade-in car or truck.

You’ll probably be offered much less than you anticipate, but talking about a possible trade-in shows you’re interested and want to buy soon.

4. Bring the Mojo Discount Price Voucher of similar cars at lower prices.

If you can prove to a salesman there are better deals on the market by showing them the Mojo Discount Price Vouchers of similar vehicles, they will be much more willing to negotiate a price you think is fair.

5. Ask for a “packaged deal.”

Tax, title and registration fees add up quick. Try to pool those added costs into one packaged deal with in the Mojo Discount Price so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying when the time comes for you to buy the car.

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Photo source: agentvalsblog