How to NEVER overpay for a used car again

The car dealer will tell you what a good price is on a car. KBB will tell you something different. So will Craigslist or Carfax.  No matter what, shoppers are always concerned they’re going to overpay on a used car and that the used car they’re buying is unreliable or has hidden problems.

For Sale Sign on Used Car

One reason why you are already using Mojo Motors is because you want alerts when dealers drop prices. If you’re not getting alerts, just Follow your favorite cars and we’ll make sure to let you know when the dealer drops prices.

Those price drop alerts, delivered right to your email inbox, along with the vehicles price history, are your ticket to knowing whether or not you’re overpaying for a used car. Topping it all off, we’ve got a great article on how to find a mechanic so you can make sure you’re buying a safe and reliable car.

Let’s start with some basic used car facts:

– Dealers will drop a cars price about three times

– The price of a car will usually drop a total of $1,000 before it is sold

– Dealers drop prices to sell cars faster

Used Car infographic

Now we’ll share some used car wisdom:

– Unless you’re buying Certified Pre Owned, have a mechanic inspect any car

– Don’t only trust the CarFax report, they’re reports don’t know everything

– Use Mojo Motors to Follow cars and get alerts when dealers drop prices

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Written by Max Katsarelas
Photo source: Classic Appreciation