How to car shop using Mojo Motors

[UPDATE: How to shop for used cars online]

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely joined Mojo Motors and used the website to shop around for a used car or truck. If you haven’t, why not? We have some really special tools to help you save money and time while shopping for a car. It sounds so cliche, but hear us out.

If you have bought a car recently or you’re in the market now to buy, you’ve spent a TON of time researching online – over 11 hours. You’ve looked at photos, compared different models, read dealership reviews, figured out what your trade-in is worth, etc. If you’re like the majority of car shoppers you will also probably buy a car after shopping for about a month.

Used cars and trucks stay on a dealership’s lot for about 37 days which is roughly the same amount of time someone goes from a car shopper to car buyer. Throughout the course of those 37 days, dealerships will drop prices nearly three times, knocking off a couple hundred here and another couple hundred there. In total, the average dealership will drop the price of their cars almost $1,000.

Car shoppers are weary of dealerships and haggling because everyone has heard a dealership horror story. This is where Mojo Motors comes in to save the day.

After starting a search and clicking on a vehicle you like, you’ll see a big Follow button on the vehicle’s page (there’s a green box around it).

Every time you Follow a vehicle, it’s saved to the ‘My Cars’ page where you’ll be able to see the other cars you’ve Followed, vehicles that have dropped in price and other vehicles you viewed.

Since we know you’re super busy, we’ll email you with an alert anytime a car you’re Following has a price drop or is sold. If you want to get really into your car shopping without all the Following, just go to the email settings page and create alerts without even starting a search.

Then when you’re ready to buy because the car you’ve been Following for the past month drops another few hundred bucks, print off the discount voucher. No haggling necessary. Hooray!

See? Told you, we’d save the day/your entire car shopping experience. All we need now is a cape. If you have any questions, you can always take a tour or drop us a line.