What if Tanner Foust wasn't on Top Gear

Top Gear USA Host Tanner Foust

Tanner Foust Image

Everyone knows Tanner Foust can drive a car and to give him credit, he isn’t a bad Top Gear host either. The thing is, what if Foust wasn’t a host on the show and furthermore, who could fill his spot as the guy who can actually drive a car? No offense to his co-hosts Rutledge Wood and Adam Ferrara, but those guys are professional jokesters (possibly eaters too), not drivers.

We’ve assembled a list of drivers we’d like to see in Foust’s spot. Make the jump to read on.

Replacement Host #1: Boris Said

boris said image

The man is made for television with that curly hair and graying goatee.  At 6′ with probably another two inches tacked on if you count the hair,  Said has the height advantage over the 5′ 10″ Foust. Irrelevant? Yep. Boris Said races in the Sprint Cup off-and-on, but he’s known as a “road course specialist” capable of turning more than just left. Not to mention, Said’s feisty. After an altercation with Greg Bifle in August at Watkins Glen, he laid down the law calling him a “scaredy-cat” and threatened to give him a “whooping.” Those are fighting words.

Replacement Host #2: David Higgins

David Higgins

Oh, you don’t know who David Higgins is? Well, he’s the guy from Britain who took over for Travis Pastrana on the Subaru Rally Team not only winning three of six events, but breaking some of Pastrana’s record lap times in the process. Higgins has the look of a middle-aged dad which should resonate well with the Top Gear fan base. Young viewers will think, “Hey, that old guy is sort of cool and he’s got a funny accent.” Older viewers will think, “Hey, that guy has a funny accent and he’s also old. I can be like him!” They can’t though.

Replacement Host #3: Scott Speed

First of all, the name Scott Speed just sounds like someone who should be a race car driver. Second of all, he’s the first American to drive in Formula One since Michael Andretti back in 1993 which is quite a feat. This should make you feel better considering the sunglasses and pompous look on his face in this picture may be disconcerting to some readers. He is also a prolific Tweeter, often dropping interesting factoids from the Nationwide Series pits.

Replacement Host #4: Dick Trickle

dick trickle image

While it’s mostly self-explanatory why Dick Trickle was picked, it should be noted I’ve never met the man but I like to think he’s got one heck of a personality. Nicknamed “The White Knight,” which doesn’t seem to do his name justice, Trickle raced in over 303 Sprint Cup events during the course of 24 years, but never managed a win. He was, however,  Rookie of the Year at the ripe young age of 48 in 1989. Despite being 69 currently, it’s safe to assume the man is young at heart and he could still manage to tear it up on the Top Gear test track. Unlike Scott Speed, Dick Trickle doesn’t have a Twitter account even though he could have one heck of a Twitter handle.

Photo Credits: drift-connection, automobilemag, rallysportlive, sirius-speedway, legendsofnascar