Mojo Deals: What could you get for the price of a new Kia Forte?

This week our new car is the 2011 Kia Forte SX. A hot car in on the compact scene, our range topping Forte comes with a 2.4l 4 cylinder engine, automatic transmission, and 17″ wheels. With these nice options the car totals out to $18,895. Not a bad price for a well equipped vehicle.

New Car
2011 Kia Forte SX
Engine: 174hp 4cyl
Drive Train: FWD
MSRP: $18,895

But what could you get for the same money on Mojo? Certainly something with a little more… umm…. Mojo!

Mojo Ride # 1 Mojo Ride #2 Mojo Ride #3
Mojo Motors Mojo Motors Mojo Motors
2008 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro 2007 BMW 328xi 2006 Mercedes C280 4MATIC
Mileage: 58,681 Mileage: 50,790 Mileage: 50,730
Engine: 200hp 4cyl Turbo Engine: 230hp 6cyl Engine: 228hp 6cyl
Drive Train: AWD Drive Train: AWD Drive Train: AWD
Mojo Price: Less than $18k Mojo Price: Less than $20k Mojo Price: Less than $19k

Beyond the cachet (ehem… Mojo) of these fine German vehicles, our Mojo Deals selections offer:

  • More horsepower and torque
  • AWD (all wheel drive) for improved traction and handling
  • Sporty driving dynamics and high levels of refinement

So as always, we encourage you to click on your Mojo Deal of choice to see the verified lowest price anywhere. You can’t see the price unless you’re a member, so if you haven’t joined yet, do it now! It’s free and private.


Mojo Deals is our weekly column where we select a new car and compare it to a selection of used vehicles from Mojo Motors inventory. Purchasing a used car allows you to buy a higher end vehicle for similar or less money than a low-end new car. Mojo Motors makes this easier than ever with the verified lowest price on the internet. If you have ideas for a Mojo Deal, please leave a comment!