Mojo Motors Blog: Best of 2011 (Part 1)

2011 gave the Mojo Motors Blog plenty of fodder to answer (or try to answer) tough questions like what qualifies as a cool used car of the future or what to do before going to the dealership to buy a used car or what’s actually in that trunk. Keep reading for our favorite posts from 2011. If you do, we promise never to use the word ‘fodder’ again.

What if Tanner Foust wasn’t on Top Gear? (9/1/11)

Quick Read: We suggest alternative hosts/drivers to replace Tanner Foust on the show Top Gear USA.

Auto throwbacks from the 90’s (9/13/11)

Quick Read: These late model cars might be making a comeback.

What will happen to the mail trucks? (9/22/11)

Quick Read: With the USPS is facing a billion dollar deficit, we suggest second lives for the mail truck.

Used cars the Founding Fathers would drive (10/4/11)

Quick Read: If the Founding Fathers were still alive, this is what each would drive.

Unusual cars to fend off zombie attacks (10/27/11)

Quick Read: The title is pretty self-explanatory.

What Nascar can learn from Kyle Busch (11/8/11)

Quick Read: After Kyle Busch intentionally wrecked Ron Hornaday Jr., Nascar should take note.

My opulent trip to Abu Dhabi Grandprix (11/29/11)

Quick Read: Mojo Motor’s own Dan Harman recounts his trip to the UAE for a Formula1 race.