Mojo Motors CEO talks driverless cars on Atlanta News Radio


Move over Tesla, electric cars aren’t the only technology that is poised to disrupt the auto industry. In May, Google unveiled a prototype for a driverless car and since then, the entire automotive world has been keeping a close eye on the nascent technology. An automotive startup ourselves, everyone at Mojo Motors is paying attention to the phenomenon.

We’ve compiled our own research and published two infographics on the subject. In June, we published a map showing where driverless cars are already legal. The map was updated following a July 24 ruling in Iowa legalizing autonomous vehicles, bringing the total count up to five. Legislation is in progress in several other states and we estimate that many more will join Iowa, California, Michigan, Nevada, and Florida in allowing driverless cars to operate on their roads.

Many industry experts agreed that autonomous vehicles will be a part  of daily life in the the near future. We asked their predictions and created a timeline of when you’ll be able to buy a driverless car. The timeline shows that Google isn’t the only one moving quickly to get a fully autonomous vehicle to market. Nissan has pledged to offer a full lineup of driverless vehicles by 2020, and Volvo has done the same.

Last week, Mojo Founder and CEO, Paul Nadjarian, joined Michael Graham of Atlanta News Radio 106.7 to discuss the future of driverless cars. Paul shares his thoughts on the varying political, economic, and social factors that will shape the future of driverless cars in the United States and beyond.



Written by Sam Jackson