Mojo Motors now serving used car reviews

Mojo Motors has been serving up used cars for sale over three years now. We’ve added some new geographic offerings, too, including L.A., San Fran, Detroit, Chicago, D.C., Seattle and Kansas City. We’ve never included used car reviews with our offerings, however.

Mojo Motors LogoWe made excuses. If we show the price history of every car AND have car reviews, won’t that overwhelm shoppers? What if the reviews take too long to write and our writers become malnourished because they forget to eat?

Times have changed, darn it, and Mojo Motors isn’t an excuse company, we’re a car shopping website. To be the best car shopping website in the world, we felt it was time to provide some detailed analysis on the most Followed used cars for sale on Mojo Motors.

Mojo Motors Reviews are going to help you learn more about the cars you’re Following and their gas mileage, engine types, interior options and ride quality. You’ll also be able to see a list of similar cars by scrolling to the bottom of each review. If you don’t have a particular car in mind, scan along the right side of the page to compare by body types or manufacturers.

We think you will find this quite helpful.

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Written by Max Katsarelas