Mojo tip: don't put music in car videos

It’s a simple fact – music ruins car videos. After featuring the Chevrolet Camaro Intimidator and its 704 horses as a “Cool used car of the future,” we wanted to know what its engine and exhaust sounded like. Thing is, each one of its videos has background music, effectively overpowering the Camaro’s engine noise. This seems to be a common theme across YouTube on lots and lots of driving videos. For gear heads, this can be depressing or at least we think so. In example one, we have a compilation of Nascar wrecks that should let the listener hear the smashing metal and burning rubber. This isn’t the case.

See the problem? We’re not asking for a lot here. All we want are car videos on YouTube without the rap or heavy metal. We especially want car videos without the electronic German music that teases us by letting us here just a little tire squeal. And for goodness sake, if a title of a video is going to be, “Greatest Moments of Rally,” don’t pair it with depressing music that should be at the end of a dramatic film. Case in point:

All we want to hear are the engines rumble, gears shift, tires squeal, conversations between navigator/crew chief and driver, grinding metal, you know, the good stuff. This is simultaneously a Mojo Motor tip, but also a plea for all future video uploads: don’t add in music unless it is edited to allow the viewer to hear the engine noise. Enough said. Now we’re sure you’ve seen this video below and we’re posting it as a guide because everything is right with this video. Everything.