Mojo tips before going to the dealership

There is no shortage of used car buying guides on the web. These resources can be invaluable, especially before spending thousands of dollars of a used car, but let’s simplify how to get schooled a bit, shall we?

Mojo motors buying used cars image

Before even going to the dealership and scoping out the inventory, pick out a used car or truck you like from Mojo Motors. Then, based on your budget and desired mileage, narrow down to a particular model, say 2006 to 2007. This makes it easier to research what kind of  issues owners have experienced in those years. We recommend as an excellent resource.

For example:

-Was there a recall on a part?

-Does the finish on the wheels wear off quickly?

-Is the monthly insurance cost expensive?

Knowing about potential issues will streamline the buying process and make you feel more confidant when contacting the dealership with questions. You should also find out if the used car or truck you’re interested in buying has an existing warranty or a service plan. More importantly, ask if the dealership offers a short-term warranty in case something should happen to your vehicle within the first couple of months of making a purchase. The last thing to remember, if you’re trading in your old car, is to check its value by going to Kelly Blue Book. All of these questions can be asked over the phone so before even scheduling a test drive and visiting the dealership, you’ll know if a used car is right for you.

For additional bedtime reading on buying a used car or truck at the dealership, check out the complete Mojo Buying guide.