Not so cool used car of the future: Red Gold Dream

Each Wednesday the Mojo Motors Blog reserves a post for a cool used car of the future. We’ve featured the Mach 7 Falcon and Ford GT90 which are clearly cool used cars of the future, but we’ve never featured a car that wasn’t. That changes today. Nicknamed the “Red Gold Dream” this Mercedes McLaren SLR is quite possibly the most ostentatious, opulent, pompous and flamboyant Mercedes ever built.

Mercedes McLaren SLR Gaudy Mercedes Image Mojo Motors

Rumor has it this car was conceived during the wet dream of its designer Ueli Anliker which explains why the vehicle’s moniker is Red Gold Dream. That rumor is actually totally false, but fake this Mercedes is not. 35 people and 30,000 hours were spent building a luxury sports car that comes equipped with 900 rubies, 11 pounds of gold mixed into the 25 coats of paint and 14 karat gold wheels. Is the Red Gold Dream a degradation to Mercedes? Are faux chrome windshield wipers a degradation to windshield wipers? You decide, but $11 million is quite a price for a car with a few expensive bolt-ons that are more fitting for jewelry than a car. It’s cars like Anliker’s creation that make even a Porsche or BMW seem like economy cars.

Mercedes SLR Red Gold Dream Backend Image Mojo Motors

Red Gold Dream interior Mojo Motors blog

Red Gold Dream backend image Mojo Motors blog

Photo credits: Motoramic