November Popularity Rankings on Mojo Motors

The king of popularity is the Subaru Impreza which retains its crown as the most searched vehicle on Mojo Motors in the month of November. Winners last month also include the Toyota Tacoma which jumps from fifth place to second place and the number six Ford F-150 making its premier in the top 10. Jeep made some moves too, boasting two vehicles in the top 10. The Wrangler comes in third place and the Grand Cherokee in seventh. For the second straight month, Toyota is the most searched brand on Mojo Motors and for the first time, Volvo and GMC have made it into top 10, kicking out poor-performing losers like BMW and Audi. For a more comprehensive breakdown, keep reading below.

Most Popular Searches on Mojo Motors in November

Chevrolet Silverado Mojo Motors ImageMost Popular Truck Searches:

#1. Toyota Tacoma

#2. Ford F-150

#3. GMC Sierra

#4. Chevrolet Silverado

#5. Dodge Ram

BMW 3-Series Mojo Motors ImageMost Popular Luxury Vehicle Searches:

#1. Audi A-4

#2. BMW 3-Series

#3. Nissan Maxima

#4. BMW 5-Series

#5. Mercedes C-Class

Toyota RAV4 Crossover Image Mojo Motors BlogMost Popular Minivan & Crossover Searches:

#1. Toyota RAV4

#2. Nissan Murano

#3. Honda Odyssey

#4. Ford Edge

#5. Toyota Sienna

Jeep Wrangler Mojo Motors Blog ImageMost Popular SUV Searches:

#1. Jeep Wrangler

#2. Jeep Grand Cherokee

#3. Volvo XC90

#4. Honda Pilot

#5. Toyota Highlander

Least Searched Automakers in November Mojo Motors Blog

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