Mojo Race Report: Interview with Jeremy Foley

We interviewed Jeremy Foley, the race car driver who cheated death a couple of weeks ago after crashing/destroying/totaling his Evolution Dynamics Mitsubishi EVO during the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Listen to the entire interview here or get a recap of the interview to learn more about his HANS device, his daily driver and the roll cage that saved his life after the jump.


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Mojo Race Report: The NASCAR Curse

There’s something gamers call the Madden Curse and it guarantees if an athlete appears on the cover of the EA Sports Madden NFL video game, their season will be plagued with bad luck. The Curse has been traced back to 1999, but does the curse exist for the drivers on the cover of NASCAR video games? Dale Jr. will appear on NASCAR The Game: Inside Line next month and spoke to USA Today about the curse. Jr. shrugged it off and said as long as Activision is developing the game, not EA Sports, the curse shouldn’t be an issue.

Unlike Madden which is released before the NFL season starts, NASCAR video games have been traditionally released towards the end of the race season in September. As a result, we’ve taken a look at how the drivers featured on the cover of the video game fared in races before September and those after to really see if the Madden curse affects NASCAR too. At the end of each segment we have a verdict for each year. Please note, the year of the game does not coincide with the race season. For example NASCAR 1998 was released in 1997, NASCAR 99 in 1998 and so on. [keep reading]

REVIEW: 2012 Jetta TDI SE

Last weekend, I made a trip back to college after spending all summer in NYC. I needed to swing back to rural Pennsylvania to pick up a few boxes I had left there in storage for the summer. Having no car, I decided to rent one for the weekend. I went for a Volkswagen Jetta TDI SE Automatic (MSRP $22,990) and, after driving over 500 miles, I can now give my short-term impressions on this car.

I have two main takeaways: firstly, the Jetta is all the car most people would ever need, and, secondly, diesel-powered cars rock. I am no experienced car reviewer, I haven’t driven hundreds of cars from Smart ForTwos to the latest Aventador. What I can offer, however, is an honest opinion on how this VW Jetta stacks up in real world use for the average Joe. You know, people like you and me who actually buy these cars. Read on for the rest of my thoughts.

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