How a business trip is done – Part 2

In How a business trip is done Part 1, I talked about my excursion down to Florida with Paul, the Mojo Motors CEO and meeting with car dealerships. The first two tips discuss the importance of planning travel dates early and not relying on travel sites for the best airfare.

Today I’ll write about finding the best-priced hotels and how critical communication is with the client. Make the jump for the final two most important tips to remember when planning a business trip.

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How a business trip is done – Part 1

In the beginning, there was work. And it was good. Then there was the business trip and well…it was interesting. For those of you that have ever been in charge of putting one together, you know it can be a lot of, well, work. I am writing this blog fresh off the road after planning and executing a 5-day business trip spent meeting with 21 clients across the state of Florida.

It was me, Paul (the CEO of Mojo Motors) and the open road. Go ahead, be jealous. In addition to planning a shirt and tie combo each day, details about which company to meet with and when is equally important. Here are a few easy tips to planning your next successful business trip. [keep reading]

Carrie Underwood has nothing on Hurricane Sandy

Remember that Carrie Underwood “Before he cheats” song where she desecrates her ex-lover’s car? She sings about taking a “Louisville slugger to both headlights” then proceeds to “slash a hole in all 4 tires.” This is all after she “carved [her] name into his leather seats.”

That’s pretty nasty, but Hurricane Sandy one-upped Carrie Underwood. You know what, one-upped isn’t a strong enough term, Sandy upped Carrie Underwood like 3,233,436,875 times. Read on to see what kind of car carnage a la Hurricane Sandy caused. [keep reading]

How startups survive a storm

When life hands startups a storm that shuts down cities and transit systems, they work from home. These are the workstations our team has set up while working from home to keep Mojo Motors running smoothly.

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Top Gear to Crash Course – Richard Hammond Interview

Last week, Mojo Motors had a chat with Richard Hammond. You might recognize him as the shorter piece of the Top Gear trifecta which includes Jeremy Clarkson and James May. We chatted with Hammond about his experience filming the second season of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course which premiered last night on BBC America. Listen to the entire Richard Hammond Interview here or make the jump below to learn more about Hammond’s American exploits.

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