Findings on Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a treasure trove of great information for brands. It is also chock full of borderline useless information. Not as useless as knowing a hubcap was stolen from three separate cars in Methuen, Massachusetts, but close. Actually, depending on your love of interesting factoids, Google Analytics is an excellent source of data. It’s a way to feel the pulse of your user base, where visitors are coming from and what kind of software they’re using.  It’s like Facebook creepery for nerds. Keep reading to see what we found.

Plant Creepers

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Automotive Fantasy Draft

Over the weekend you may have caught the NFL Draft on television. Think of it as a televised meat market with football teams all vying for the perfect cut to complete their menu. Unlike the NBA which drafts on a lottery system, the order of the NFL draft is based on a team’s performance from the last season. It’s simple, the better your team did, the later in the draft your team picks. That’s why the embarrassingly bad Colts got the top pick in the draft.

Cadillac Sixteen Picture

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The Profanity Filter

To view prices of used cars on, see dealership contact info and additional vehicle details, users have to sign up for a free account. Why? Because we have discount prices on cars, that’s why. Problem is, some people don’t care and they’re mean and nasty and heartless. These clown jockeys fill out the sign up form using words that get television and radio networks fined thousands of bucks by the FCC. These are also known as vulgarities or cuss/curse/swear words

Signing up for a website doesn’t require FCC oversight, but something can be done. Enter the Mojo Motors profanity filter. Handcrafted by the wonderful tech team at, each time a user tries to join the website with a bogus email address or name, they’ll see an error message. Take a look below for an example of how the error message will appear on our website and keep reading to see other profanity filter messages. Our favorites are bolded.

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We hate long wait times, email forms and stock photos

You know what we hate? Filling out contact forms to get help using a website or selecting fifteen different options when trying to get tech support on the telephone. Sometimes you just want to talk to someone. Like right now. This isn’t to say email can’t be quick and efficient, but when it comes to buying a car, the face-to-face human element is often required. Phone might be a website, but real people work at the auto startup. We have a personality and want to make personal connections. It’s why our phone number isn’t hidden somewhere on our website, but displayed on the bottom of every page. You can’t miss it. Plus, we really like answering questions about what kind of used car or truck you should buy.

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