REVIEW: 2012 Jetta TDI SE

Last weekend, I made a trip back to college after spending all summer in NYC. I needed to swing back to rural Pennsylvania to pick up a few boxes I had left there in storage for the summer. Having no car, I decided to rent one for the weekend. I went for a Volkswagen Jetta TDI SE Automatic (MSRP $22,990) and, after driving over 500 miles, I can now give my short-term impressions on this car.

I have two main takeaways: firstly, the Jetta is all the car most people would ever need, and, secondly, diesel-powered cars rock. I am no experienced car reviewer, I haven’t driven hundreds of cars from Smart ForTwos to the latest Aventador. What I can offer, however, is an honest opinion on how this VW Jetta stacks up in real world use for the average Joe. You know, people like you and me who actually buy these cars. Read on for the rest of my thoughts.

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What makes an internship at a start up different

Every college student and post-grad can recognize the importance of a summer internship and I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to intern at a variety of different companies. As I reach the end of what will most likely be my last internship ever (I am graduating college in December), I am looking back to reflect on the many differences between an internship with an internet automotive start up like Mojo Motors and an internship with a much larger company.

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An intern’s advice on how to hire interns

Let’s start with a full disclosure. This post was written by an intern with a simple argument – start-ups should make good use of intern services and not just use them for grabbing coffee or researching/processing/pushing/crunching data. Since I’ve pretty much spent all summer interning at Mojo Motors, here is my take on what interns can offer a company, why it is important to pick them well, if companies should pay interns, and how you can benefit most from an internship program.

Make the jump for answers to all of your intern related questions and an intern’s experience at a start up.

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