Isuzu Evoque or Land Rover Axiom?

Are you seeing the resemblance? On the top, a 2012 Land Rover Evoque. On the bottom, a 2002 Isuzu Axiom. The Axiom was a failure and blasted by pretty much everyone. The Land Rover Evoque though is being lauded by auto pundits for its looks. It’s amazing how much a difference ten years can make.

Land Rover Axiom Comparison

Cool Used Cars on Unsloppy Seconds

Just because helps dealerships sell their used cars and trucks at discount prices doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate used cars that aren’t on our website. That’s why we started Unsloppy Seconds on Tumblr. As the name would suggest, we post cool used cars for sale across the world that are clean or weird or pretty and mostly unsloppy. . .sometimes we can’t help ourselves though.

Check out some of our favorites below for a sampling of what you kind find.

Ferrari F40

Let me see more unsloppy cars

Mojo Motors gets $3 million in funding

In the world of the interwebs there exists a brand. The name of this brand is and the goal is help shoppers buy used cars. They take this very seriously. So seriously, in fact, they have not only signed up over 25,000 shoppers for their website, but closed $3 million in funding. The funding will allow the web-based startup to expand and help even more used car shoppers find discounts at local dealers and receive alerts when prices drop on the cars they like.

Learn more how Mojo can help you or send them a Tweet @MojoMotors. You can also check out their article on TechCrunch too.

read the release…

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