Performance Cars the Wife Will Let You Get Away With

Volvo V70 R

Sporty cars come in many shapes and sizes. Some are known to be fast, and look the part too. Many others are slightly pretentious and sport a spoiler here and diffuser there; perhaps a larger set of rims than the stock alloys while remaining mechanically identical to the non-sporty members of their lineup. And then there is a small group of cars which don’t appear to be out of the ordinary, yet can be faster than most cars this side of 911 Turbo. The simple truth is that a spoiler doesn’t make your car go any faster. In fact, unless you’re going much faster than is safe for your license, it isn’t doing anything at all aerodynamically either, so let’s not kid ourselves. Luckily, a few car manufacturer don’t want to kid with you either, and side step the marketing department to build proper performance hidden away in inconspicuous packages.

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Mojo Tips: How to be American in 10 steps

Instructions for how to be an American on Independence Day:

Hacksaw Jim Duggan1. Buy three pick up trucks, a Ford, a Ram and a Chevy. Apply a #99 sticker to the Ford, a #43 sticker to the Ram and a #3 sticker to the Chevy.

2. Road trip to a state that’s notorious for selling illegal Chinese fireworks. If they’re legal anyways, still drive to a state that’s notorious for selling Chinese fireworks.

3. Drive each truck through a river, preferably the great Mississippi. Creeks will also do.

4. Set up the barbecue (propane or charcoal) at the fireworks store and grill up some hot dogs. Apply yellow mustard to the hot dogs and eat.

5. Put the garbage wherever and by wherever we mean a trash receptacle.

6. Buy fireworks and drive back through the great Mississippi while holding lit sparklers out of the window because it would just look cool.

7. Park the trucks on the front lawn of a house and crack open a cold beverage. Watch people drive by.

8. Grill up some more hot dogs, give the leftovers to the dog and discuss the wrestling career of “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

9. Set off fireworks from the bed of each truck at night. Leave the garbage in the front yard and pick it up the next day.

10. Go to bed content because you’re officially American.

Photo credit: accelerator3359

Your old Internet Explorer is dead to us

Using Internet Explorer is sort of like using Tripod to build a webpage or checking your email on AOL or using AOL at all for that matter. It’s like spraying down your kids with DDT to fight off mosquitoes or owning a television without a zapper.*

It’s like using an AM/FM equipped headset or thinking the 80’s was the greatest decade in recent memory. It’s like using leaves as toilet paper or making green bean casseroles for dinner. It’s like using products that come in aerosol cans or writing with gel pens. It’s like calling your mobile a “car phone” or driving a car with a proper manual transmission.**

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You know a used car has been in a flood if…

Be wary of buying a used car or truck from private sellers in Florida and other southern states in the following months. Tropical Storm Debby wasn’t too kind to the Sunshine State, dropping nearly two feet of rain and causing extensive flooding. This means there are thousands of cars with flood damage driving around. Check out the photo gallery here if you have no idea what Tropical Storm Debby is or what happened in Florida the past few days.

A vehicle history report like CarFax, which is available from most dealerships using Mojo Motors will clear up any questions about flood damage right up front.  AutoCheck will also give you the skinny if the used car of your dreams took swimming lessons. While most dealerships provide a CarFax report for free, expect a charge when looking up the VIN from a private seller.

If you’re looking to buy a used car in states like Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia or Mississippi, you’ll know a car has been in a flood if:

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Best and worst foods to eat while driving

There’s a war on distracted driving. Check that, there’s been a suggested war on distracted driving by Secretary of Transportation Roy LaHood. It’s because of infotainment systems in cars, cell phones, books, eating and any other distractions that could lead to accidents.

Some places, like Oak Park, IL would rather have their drivers go hungry than be allowed eat while driving. Is this going too far? It depends. Some drivers can put down a bowl of chili while driving 75MPH on the expressway. Some drivers can’t even adjust the volume on their radio going 25MPH.

All this talk of distracted driving and Oak Park’s ruling on distracted driving prompted us to really find out what are the best foods to eat while driving. We tapped our fans on Facebook for suggestions and some made more sense than others (clearly). Keep reading to see the top picks:

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