Best and worst foods to eat while driving

There’s a war on distracted driving. Check that, there’s been a suggested war on distracted driving by Secretary of Transportation Roy LaHood. It’s because of infotainment systems in cars, cell phones, books, eating and any other distractions that could lead to accidents.

Some places, like Oak Park, IL would rather have their drivers go hungry than be allowed eat while driving. Is this going too far? It depends. Some drivers can put down a bowl of chili while driving 75MPH on the expressway. Some drivers can’t even adjust the volume on their radio going 25MPH.

All this talk of distracted driving and Oak Park’s ruling on distracted driving prompted us to really find out what are the best foods to eat while driving. We tapped our fans on Facebook for suggestions and some made more sense than others (clearly). Keep reading to see the top picks:

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Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

The Dingman Collection Auction is happening this weekend in Hampton, New Hampshire. If you’ve got a couple hundred thousand to spare, buy yourself something nice like a 1939 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon.

Party like a sheik in this armored limo

Without helium to fill their balloons, how in the world will dealerships sell cars?

Electric Honda Fit to achieve 132/105/118 city/highway/combined MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent)

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood wants automakers to take initiative on distracted driving

More people have watched Ken Block drive a car than the 2012 Super Bowl

The many shades of Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is a testament to American automotive machinery and its history can be traced back to the start of the 20th century under the Willys nameplate. The modern Wrangler started in 1987 with the YJ body to replace the Jeep CJ. You can pick out a YJ body because it’s the only modern Wrangler with square headlights.

This post isn’t about the history of the Jeep Wrangler. It is, however, about the many colors of Wrangler. You see, the Wrangler isn’t usually the first thing that pops into mind when you think of loud, brash or ostentatious paint jobs.

– You don’t see a Wrangler with stripes like a Ford Mustang

– You don’t see a Wrangler with painted flames like old hot rods

– You don’t see a Wrangler with roof patterns like a Mini Cooper

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Used cars to buy this summer

The Detroit News reported the price of gas is dropping (down 3.5% from a year ago) and that is causing the price of small cars to drop too. According to the article, the average price of gas is about $3.71 and if prices stay below $4.00, car shoppers will buy trucks, SUVs and minivans. Even though used car prices are at record highs because of inventory shortages, their prices will decline if gas prices do, in fact, remain stable.

 Toyota Prius Burnout

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The Monday Grind: Tuesday Edition

If it’s the Monday Grind on Tuesday, shouldn’t it just be the Tuesday Grind? Probably. In any event, it’s Tuesday and this is what you missed over the Holiday weekend.

Vampire GT Lego

That Vampire GT (above) was sold on eBay for $1,626 and made entirely out of Legos

Lotus engines couldn’t cut the mustard at the Indy 500 and were black flagged

The story of a $25,000 BMW that was probably underwater

Car apps may just be another driving distraction

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