Release Notes: September Product Updates

In the month of September, Mojo Motors made some major upgrades to the homepage and vehicle detail page (VDP). In fact, some folks might say aside from the new dealer dashboard, these are some of the biggest updates since the website was redesigned back in November of 2012.

New Mojo Motors homepage

The changes took place on the vehicle detail pages and the homepage. The internal codeword for the product update on the VDP was “Need for Speed.” There was no codeword for the homepage redesign, but for the purposes of a blog post, it will be named “Bye Sheila!” [keep reading]

9 tips to survive a road trip

There is no shortage of articles online about how to plan and execute a road trip. Some of those articles have great tips and they will be sprinkled in this top 10 list, but others appear to be written by someone who’s never taken a road trip in their life. For example, one article suggested joining a “travel club” before a road trip.

Disgusting Car Image

Take it from someone who just took a 2,300 mile drive from Detroit to California. These are the nine most practical tips to survive any road trip. But seriously, who joins a travel club? C’mon man. [keep reading]

Used car prices are dropping…finally

You may have heard car sales are on the up and up in the U.S. In fact, according to this Bloomberg article, the U.S. auto market is honing in on its fifth straight year of growth. This has only happened one other time since WWII from 1996 to 2000 when over 16 million cars were sold a year.

Old Car Dealership Photo

After the government initiated “cash for clunkers” in 2009 there was a shortage on used cars causing prices to skyrocket. In fact, by 2012 used car prices were at historic highs, since then however, prices have begun to drop. [keep reading]

Spend less time shopping for a used car

When you sign up for Mojo Motors and ‘Follow’ your first car, you might be thinking, “now what?” Since you’ve probably already spent a bunch of time shopping for a used car, we want to help expedite the process for you like a turtle wearing a helmet with wheels for legs and a rocket attached to his shell.

Turtle Jet Pack Wheels

Sure, we’ll send you emails when the price drops on cars you’re ‘Following’ so you’ll be first to know when dealers change prices, but that doesn’t always happen right away. That’s why we send you an email the day after you sign up with Mojo Motors giving you a few car shopping cheats. [keep reading]

Dealerships owned by athletes

An athlete’s career is short. The typical NFL player’s career is over in three years and most NHL players never play more than 100 games. Even more startling is 78% of NFL players are nearly bankrupt within two years of retiring and 60% of NBA players are usually bankrupt within five.

Michael Jordan Nissan Dealership

Since athletes have a shortened money-making career in sports, many have turned to the car business. Owning a dealership involves a massive investment up-front, but can be significantly beneficial long term. Think about it, everyone needs a car. These are the current and former athletes that own car dealerships. [keep reading]

The Right Time to Buy a Car ( logoStory by Isaac Juarez for

Car loan borrowers and car shoppers often think the best time to buy a car is when they need one. They can even be forgiven for thinking that the best time to get a car is when they see a model that catches their eyes. Experts explained to that there are actually times of the year in which getting a car can save car shoppers a great deal of money. [keep reading]

How we close sales using logoI’m always searching for innovative tools that can help me sell Mojo Motors more efficiently to car dealerships. While there are tons of products out there, there are only a few that fit my needs. At the recommendation of a colleague, I discovered, a screen-sharing tool that helps me present, train, and demo my product, Mojo Motors website, with ease.

In the past, when showing a prospective client a product like Mojo, I would have the client log onto the site. After getting the prospective client to the site, I would then navigate the individual through the product. There were three factors that easily, and often did, prevented me from pitching the product as efficiently as possible: internet speed, technology limitations and distractions. [keep reading]

Mojo Motors Responsive Redesign With Fireworks (Smashing Magazine)

Smashing Magazine Logo ImageStory by Ola Oladunni for Smashing Magazine

Thanks to strong mobile Web adoption worldwide, we have seen the launch of even more responsive designs in 2012 and 2013. Most of these have been in the publishing category, but lately we are starting to see complex transactional websites, such as Currys UK, take a brave step into this new world. [keep reading]

Make your waiting room work for you

The worst is over. Car sales are on the rise again and maybe you have a little space in your budget for some renovation. But what kind of remodeling will give you the greatest potential ROI? The answer might be easier than you think. Revamp the waiting room. You might see an 80% increase in business or amazing Yelp reviews about your dealership’s restaurant.

Twin Oaks cafe

We already showed you 7 amazing car dealership waiting rooms which look nothing like traditional waiting rooms. Luxury brands take it to another level, though, with gyms, putting greens or flat screen televisions in their bathrooms. If you think spending mucho dinero on a renovation won’t net your store a big enough ROI, take a look at these studies and dealer experiences.

[keep reading...]