Anki Drive puts slot cars on steroids

Since Furby, the bird-like robot toy, which hit markets in the 1998, the Artificial Intelligence toy market has seen impressive growth each holiday season. This year, Silicon Valley based robotics startup, Anki, has joined the mix with their new car game, Anki Drive. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of trying out the impressive Anki Drive at the home of a beta-tester and tech enthusiast.

Anki Driver Packaging Image

Artificial Intelligence is when computers or technology can accomplish tasks that require human intelligence. For example, that crazy looking Furby could learn words. I taught my sister’s Furby a few choice phrases, which the Furby said to my sister. Upon discovering this, my parents were not impressed. [keep reading]

Cash isn’t king when buying a used car

Most people think that paying cash at a dealership for a used car will get them a better deal. A cash deal for the customer usually ends up being a better deal, but not everyone can afford paying for a $17,000 used car for sale with cash.

Old Wagon For Sale with Sign in Window Image

That’s why many shoppers will finance and dealers like this. While the average price of a used car continues to drop, dealerships need to make a profit somewhere and they do that one of three ways. [keep reading]

10 questions people think about at a car dealer

10. Is that the 2015 model?

Lakes Bro Gif

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9. Why hasn’t anyone told me that my oil change was completed an hour ago?

Office Space Gif

8. Why does this coffee taste worse than gross Halloween candy from 1999?

Healthy Candy Gif

7. How come the sales guy didn’t call me back?

Call Me Maybe GIF

6. I hate paying money to get my car fixed – why don’t I live in a place where I don’t need a car?

Crowded Subway Crazy Gif

5. Is the mechanic going to steal something from my car? 

Monkey Stealing Gif

4. Wouldn’t this waiting room be so much awesomer if there were corgi puppies?Cute Puppy Gif

3. Am I the only person that can’t understand all this dealer paperwork?

Brittney Spears Confused Gif

2. Why is that awkward person staring at me from across the waiting room?

Weird Stare Glasses GIF

1. I am done? I can finally drive away in my new car?

Little Boy Ukraine Gif

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Written by Max Katsarelas

Worst used cars to buy if you want to stand out

Some car review sites and magazines name the best cars to buy based on reliability, safety or price. Even we have been known to highlight the best cars to buy based on biggest price drops. Thing is, everyone is touting the same handful of cars over and over and over again. And people are actually eating it up.

Toyota Camry Used Beige Boring Image

Doesn’t anyone want to be different? Doesn’t anyone want to be unique and push the boundaries? Sure, buying a car is the second biggest purchase of your life, but your car should be a reflection of your identity and personality. If you want to break out the mold, it’s time to disregard reliability, resale value or gas mileage.

If you want to be like every other wheel-steering and grocery-getting driver, than these cars might be the right one for you. But if you value being unique, then these are definitely the worst cars to buy. [keep reading]

New, used or lease – what’s the difference?

You know how many people are looking to buy a car in America? A lot. According to NADA there were 1.2 million automobile sales in October. That’s 10.5% more than last year. Before buying, there are a lot of questions to be answered.

New Used Leased with Border

We’ve already tried to help with posts about what to know before you call the dealer, how to find a mechanic to inspect a car or how to be an expert car shopper without trying. Here are some other questions you might ask yourself now that you are in the market for a new or used vehicle along with a few pointers to help you understand things a little more clearly. [keep reading]

[Update] How to shop for used cars online

Mojo Motors is making it faster and easier to shop for a used car. That’s a fact. You know what else is a fact? That you, car shopper, will spend 11 hours online researching, viewing price histories and Following your favorite used cars. Now look at this picture of a happy person.

old school used car sign

That happy person could be you one day. If you’re just entering the world of car shopping, you are probably questioning if you should buy new or used or what is a CPO car? Irregardless of whether you’re about to purchase your car or still just getting started, here’s how Mojo Motors is going to make it easy and save you coin so you can be happier than a dude eating the biggest cheeseburger in the world. [keep reading]

What to know before you call the dealer

You’re shopping for a used car and in the midst of that long, exhaustive process. You’ve already figured out the types of cars you want and what you need out of the perfect used car. You’re searching on Mojo Motors when a car you’re Following gets a price drop, bringing it into your budget. That's what I want You have two options, visit the dealer or call them. You decide to call the dealer first. You don’t want to waste time driving to the dealer only to find out the vehicle was sold. Before you call, you need to know a few things. [keep reading]

How trim affects the price of Honda Accords

The Honda Accord was first introduced to the American market in 1981. Since then, the Accord has been one of the most popular cars on the road. On Mojo Motors, used Honda Accords from the 2010 model year are the most popular and most prevalent. And at only a few years old, many 2010 Accords qualify for a manufacturers certified pre-owned (CPO) programs and have under 40,000 miles.

Used 2010 Honda Accord Trims Image

Shoppers looking to purchase a Honda Accord notice there are a few different trims like LX, LX-P, EX and EX-L. So what’s the difference between all the different Accord trims? We’ll explain, along with the average price for each trim, number of price drops and how much they drop in price before selling. [keep reading

What happens on Craigslist stays on Craigslist

As of November 6, 2013, the Craigslist For Sale sections no longer allow external links in ads. Over the past few months, Craigslist has made some significant changes to their For Sale sections and yesterday they made their biggest. It’s a change that will profoundly affect how many dealerships post on Craigslist.

No external links on craigslist

Craigslist no longer allow external links in any ads. A reader may cut and paste a text link, but that will obviously result in substantially less ‘click-through’ than previous ads. As with Craigslist’s earlier changes, this adjustment further reinforces that a post must contain all the relevant information for a vehicle. [keep reading]

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