Hottest used cars by state

Mojo Motors recently studied the most popular used cars by state from the last 30 days.* To find out the most popular used cars by state, we looked at cars with the most Follows. Shoppers who sign up for a free Mojo Motors account can Follow their favorite cars to get alerts when dealers drop prices, sell cars or add new cars to their inventory. You can learn more about Following cars and Mojo Motors here.

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The findings were largely expected, with Camrys, Altimas, Civics and F150s making multiple appearances. There were a few surprises, however. For example, in Maine where some cities experience over 70 inches of snowfall in winter, shoppers are still hot-to-trot on Ford Mustangs. Shoppers in Rhode Island, meanwhile, are Following Kia Sorentos and Chrysler 300s. Select your state below to see what your neighbors are checking out. [keep reading]

How to buy a car in Philadelphia

Most Philly shoppers spend almost 100 hours researching online for that perfect car. They talk to friends, read dealership reviews, research the makes/models they want most and Follow their favorite cars on Mojo Motors.

Philly Skylline Night

If you’re beginning to search for a used car in Philly or already in midst of shopping, make sure you keep these steps in mind to ensure you get a great deal and a great car. [keep reading]

A cooling used car market is a good thing

Earlier this week the New York Times published this article with the headline “After Running Hot, Market for Used Cars is Cooling?” Yet, I wonder if the market for used cars is really cooling off? It depends on what your definition is of a “hot market.”

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When most people think of a “hot market” they think of high prices and lots of sales. So when most people think of a cooling market, they think of lower prices and fewer sales, but as it turns out, that’s not what’s happening. [keep reading]

Why is my check engine light on?

You already know how to find a mechanic, but let’s say you want to find out why your check engine light is on before going to the shop. Cars from the late 90′s or newer have a computer that will tell you what’s wrong. In fact, your car has more computing power than the Apollo spacecrafts that took astronauts into space.

Check Engine Light Logo

To tap into your cars computer, you just need to the right diagnostic tool. All mechanics already have a diagnostic tool and now you can, too, with a new slew of apps available to drivers. So stop wasting time going to the mechanic to find out why your engine light is on and hack the process a bit. [keep reading]

Philadelphia now on the map for Mojo Motors

Mojo Motors in Philly ImageMojo Motors expands used car price alerts to Philadelphia.

New York City, NY (October 21, 2013)Mojo Motors, the automotive classified website where shoppers Follow cars to get alerts when dealers drop prices, is now available in the great Philadelphia area. Mojo Motors is already available in New England, the Mid Atlantic and states like Florida and Texas. [keep reading]

How to drive urgency online #DD15

Download Paul’s deck here.

Paul Nadjarian Presenting at DD15At Digital Dealer 15 (#DD15) Paul Nadjarian, Mojo Motors Founder & CEO, presented to dealership executives and managers on techniques to drive urgency online. Dealerships already excel at driving urgency in the dealership and by phone.

“That’s a great car, I just had someone take a test drive this morning.”

“I have been getting lots of calls about that car, we just dropped the price $500!”

Using key words and phrases like that is nothing new for the sales team at a dealership. However, how does a dealership take these techniques to the internet to drive urgency? This can get a bit more complicated because it would seem driving urgency is best done in-person. [keep reading]

Four ways to find a mechanic

Mechanic Shop Cool PictureThere’s two reasons why you might need a mechanic.

1. You’re buying a car.

2. Your car broke down.

You might be thinking, I need a mechanic when my car breaks down, but I definitely don’t need a mechanic when buying a car, I’ll use a Carfax. You don’t want to do that, here’s why. Having an actual mechanic inspect a car you plan to purchase may reveal details missed by a vehicle history report.

Now, you might also be thinking, I still don’t need a mechanic, the dealership’s mechanic inspected the car. Maybe they did, but maybe they didn’t. If the car is CPO, then you don’t need to have a mechanic inspect your used car. If the car isn’t CPO, you definitely want a mechanic to inspect. [keep reading]

Gender portrayals in auto advertising (Part 2/2)

This two part series explores the portrayals of women in automotive advertising. Read Part 1.

If you read Part 1, you know that automotive advertising has relied on female inadequacies to sell cars (see Buick). It’s still happening. TrueCar’s now infamous commercial, “A Better Way,” is one recent example of an automotive ad that highlights female inadequacies in a way that mirrors the “matter-of-fact” tone of the examples from the 1960’s. First aired in March of this year, the ad depicts several female characters talking about the difficulty of negotiation during the car-buying process.

It was panned here, here, here and their Facebook page. With the help of TrueCar, one woman says, “I don’t need to bring a dude with me.” Not only does the message of the commercial dismiss a woman’s ability to hold her own during the buying process, but it also suggests that car salesman prey on female customers as if they are as helpless as Little Red Riding Hood. [keep reading]

Gender portrayals in auto advertising (Part 1/2)

This two part series explores the portrayals of women in automotive advertising. Read Part 2.

Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton was just the United States’ Secretary of State and Marissa Meyer is the CEO of Yahoo!, gender stereotypes remain pervasive throughout the fabric of American society. The automotive industry is far from an exception. I have spent some time trolling YouTube for gender-centric automotive ads, and I was amazed at the breadth of videos that I came across.

Sexist Poster

As you might expect, I found a few ads from the 1960’s that are touted as “the most sexist ads of all time.” But, I was surprised to find that some of the most egregious offenders in the industry were produced in the last five years. [keep reading]

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