San Fran stops shopping for cars like it is 1999

San Francisco prides itself on being digital trendmakers and it comes with the territory. They are practically right up the road from the biggest startup hub in the world – Silicon Valley. The same area that gave us Apple and Reddit and Twitter and Pinterest is stuck in the Clinton-administration when it comes to shopping for cars. Sometimes it takes a Silicon Alley startup to show Silicon Valley what they’ve been missing. Enter Mojo Motors.

Mojo Motors San Fran LaunchMojo Motors has been helping shoppers on the East Coast get alerts when dealers drop prices on used cars for about three years now. People out East love us the same way San Franciscans love calling a bridge Golden, but painting it red. Some things don’t make sense, but Mojo Motors does.

Here’s how Mojo is going to help if your looking for used cars in San Francisco.

Follow Button

Mojo Used Car Alerts Follow ButtonThis one is so darn simple. Follow a car you like to get alerts when it drops in price or sells by clicking the Follow button above any listing picture. When you Follow cars, it helps our algorithm go into action ensuring we only send you super relevant alerts on the cars you want. And that number you see next to the Follow button? That’s how many other people also want the car you’re Following.

Email Alerts

Mojo Price Drop Email When a dealer drops a price on a car you’re looking for, you’d like to know, right? Of course. That’s why we shoot you an email to let you know that a car you want has dropped in price. We’ll also show you similar cars that have dropped in price, too. Our alerts don’t end there, oh no, we’re going to let you know when relevant cars are just added to the website and when the car you want sells. But that’s not all! Just kidding, we’re not going Taco Town on you.

Alerts Toolbar

Alerts Toolbar CUSometimes you don’t have time to dawdle because when you need a new car, YOU REALLY NEED A NEW CAR! To expedite the process, look at the top of any page on Mojo and you’ll see three icons. That’s the Alerts Toolbar.

You can see the cars you’re Following, cars with price drops and cars you recently viewed. Clicking on the price drop icon will show you every car near you that has just dropped in price. Dealers drop prices because they want to sell cars and it’s safe to say most cars with price drops have the best prices.

Shrewd Advice

Used Car Price Drop Data For the ultimate guide on buying a used car, read the DO’s and DON’Ts of buying a used car. You’ll learn about why the price history of a car for sale is important, why you should go to the dealer in the morning and why a vehicle history report can’t always be trusted. For research on specific used cars, take a look at our used car reviews to learn about engines, gas mileage, prices, etc. If you’re ready to jump into the car hunt right away, start searching for used cars here, hot shot.

Written by Max Katsarelas