See price drops on used cars from search pages

Mojo Motors has two wildly popular features. One, happy people that change after reloading the homepage and two, the price history box (shown below) where shoppers can see how much dealers have dropped the price of a car.

Price History on used car image

The price history box, along with price drop alerts, are consistently mentioned by shoppers as a Mojo feature they love. Let’s be real, you’d have to be a crazy person to not like getting alerts when dealers are dropping prices on the cars you want! Anyways, here’s what’s new when you search on Mojo Motors.

In the past when a member did a search, the module looked something like this:

Old Search Module Image

This is what the new module looks like on the search page:

new search module

Previously, shoppers could see the number of Followers and the number of photos with each car. Yet, we wanted to push it further and make the search page an easier place to shop. That’s why the new design lets shoppers see the number of price drops and how much a car has dropped in price.

This lets shoppers quickly see the dealer is dropping prices, or not, and how much has been taken off the asking price. We’ve also given shoppers a number next to the alert icon to indicate how many times a price has dropped. Most used cars drop in price about three times so as the number of price drops increases, the more likely that car is to sell. That’s why dealers drop prices in the first place.

This feature is something shoppers will find very helpful while scanning search pages for the used cars they want most. If you want to see the new modules in action, start a search here or use the search box on the top right of the page.

Oh, and if you didn’t understand the first wildly popular feature, this illustration should help clarify things. :)

Reload Example Image

Written by Max Katsarelas